What Are POS System Challenges In BigCommerce?

Although BigCommerce is the world’s leading all-inclusive e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized retailers (SMBs) with all the features you need to open a shop, there are still have some POS system challenges when it comes to this platform. 

In the article below, we will note for you some certain pos problems in BigCommerce and the way to deal with them. 

POS System Challenges in BigCommerce


Mobile Incompatibility

The most annoying about any pos system challenges will face nowadays is not appropriate and displayed well between devices.

When you try and visit these websites on your Smartphone or Tablet, you’ll find a few things: you’ll have to scroll left, right, up, and down to figure out how the site “works,” media may load slowly, the text is small and requires zooming in to read, and links are small and difficult to click with your fingertip. Does it seem to be inconvenient? That’s because it’s the case.

A mobile-friendly website is HTML-based and does not use Flash. It means a website can be viewed on a Smartphone or Tablet, but it isn’t designed for them. These websites were created for web browsers on PCs with much larger screens and mouse-based navigation.

Mobile responsiveness, as well as SEO features, are built-in to BigCommerce models. BigCommerce also integrates with Google Shopping to expand its product scope.

Security Issues 

The most dangerous pos system challenges are here. Hackers on eCommerce sites will always be a hot target. The expense of a breach, both in terms of data loss and consumer confidence, can be hugely detrimental for companies of all sizes.

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Ecommerce business owners are well aware of these issues and are taking steps to improve their protection. 

According to the VMWare Carbon Black 2020 Cybersecurity Outlook Report, 77 percent of companies surveyed bought new security products in the previous year, and 69 percent hired more security personnel.

Threat actors are sharpening their skills and discovering new vulnerabilities to exploit in this never-ending game of cat and mouse. 

As online retailers introduce more disruptive technology to their sites to remain competitive, cyber attackers are honing their skills and finding new vulnerabilities to exploit. Being aware of e-commerce security best practices and the types of threats to be on the lookout for is the best 


We all want to own a million-dollar company, but we also understand that it doesn’t happen overnight. Scaling the e-commerce company strategically is the most effective way to handle rapid growth and avoid dealing with a slew of dissatisfied customers.

Most likely, at least one of these growth strategies is part of your business plan, and you’ve already noticed its effectiveness. As a result, you’re experiencing both joy and discomfort. Isn’t it true that I’m living the life of a small business owner? When you take a holistic approach to business development, you will always be prepared for what comes next.

Solution for POS System Challenges

Some of the challenges mentioned above when using a POS system on the BigCommerce platform will not happen if you use a POS system service provider from a reputable supplier.

ConnectPOS is the top providers’ POS System for BigCommerce’s retailers. With ConnectPOS, you can easily: 

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Create orders with products that are not available in stock 
  • Multi-store and multi-warehouse management 
  • Compatible with PC and mobile devices
  • No additional fee 
  • 24/7 support 
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Contact us for more consultation to avoid the above pos problems as well as run your BigCommerce pos system smoothly. 

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