Is your POS system ready for omnichannel?

Is your POS system ready for omnichannel?

Omnichannel is not just a trend. It’s the future of retail. To prepare for this, Magento has built an ecosystem with multiple extensions to help merchants manage businesses and engage with customers better. Yet, the major roadblock on its way to POS system ready for omnichannel.

There’re so many pains using a POS that a merchant once questioned if POS had made any advances in the last decade. It struggles to synchronize with other sales channels to ensure a consistent shopping experience. It often misses out on customer information, causing merchants to lose track of customer journeys. Reports are not real-time, making it hard to understand the performance of each channel and make timely decisions. On top of that, sluggishness and lagging give shop owners constant headaches as they see customers walk out, tired of waiting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We aim to build the fastest Point of Sale that:

  • Complete and make eCommerce platforms ready for omnichannel
  • Enable a personalized, consistent shopping experience for your customers
  • Help you understand your customers better, then turn insights into action
  • Assist you in managing stores effectively and is ready to grow along with your business

That’s how ConnectPOS was bornPos system for Omnichannel

High-speed POS software for omnichannel

Developed by our technical experts, ConnectPOS uses the latest technologies, including: Angular JS, Node JS and websocket communication.

ConnectPOS is compatible with both Magento 1 and 2, Shopify and BigCommerce POS. It can load 10,000 records in under 30 seconds, works well with large numbers of SKUs and customers. Upon checkout, it cuts down the time customers spend on waiting with simplified 3-step checkout process, direct tax calculation and Quick Cash suggestions.

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Multiple channels –  One brand

After API is activated successfully, ConnectPOS will automatically unify data with your web stores: you will have one product catalogue, one customer database, one order list for both online and physical stores. Any changes you make in Magento back-end, i.e. tax rules or special pricing for an item, will be updated in real time across all the sales channels.

It gives your customers feeling of familiarity. They find the same products they’ve seen on your website at store. They are recognized and have the same access to information no matter which sales channel they use. Moreover, they have more freedom to shop: order online – pickup in store, experience in-store and buy online later or home delivery. They enjoy the same great experience everywhere they go.

ConnectPOS records and synchronizes in-store customer information with data from other sales channels. With all customer data in one place, you have advantages to understand your customers better. You can customize triggers for each customer group, keep them coming back and build a strong bond with your brand.

Multi-store Management

With ConnectPOS, you can add multiple registers and outlets as you grow your business. In case you have stores in different regions, you can make some customizations to make them local-friendly. From displayed language to receipt template, each outlet can have its own.

As your business expands, management can get more and more complicated and you need precise reports to know how you’re doing. In Cloud POS, reports are real-time cash-based. In case you need to refund or exchange for a customer, you can do it directly on the selected order without fearing that it will mess up the sales history and reports.

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Also, thanks to real time reports, you know immediately which stores are doing well and which are falling behind. It’s easier for you to track down the reasons and make decisions to improve the situation before it’s too late.

Final words

We want to help retail merchants win the omnichannel battle. Thus, we brainstormed and built features of ConnectPOS accordingly.

We observed shop owners and cashiers’ day-to-day activities. Hence, we simplified the interface and process as much as possible so you can use it at ease.

We strongly believe that ConnectPOS will become your right-hand man in managing and growing your business.

Register for a FREE TRIAL and explore the omnichannel features of ConnectPOS today!

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