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Top 4 Self Checkout Machines For Contactless Payment

Self service systems are appropriate for retailers with medium-sized baskets and a high volume of transactions. So they also need to know about the needed self checkout machine to support this shopping method.

4 self checkout machines that can kickstart your contactless payment

Retail self checkout counters

As one of the most prevalent types of self checkout machines nowadays, retail checkout counters can be found in almost any business. One standout product is the Express counters of Gondola.

The most beneficial advantage of self checkout counters is their simplicity: the consumer can use a machine to scan items and place them in a bag. To ensure that the item scanned is the one added to the bag, the weight of the goods in the bag is measured. Customers can pay for their purchases with cash or a credit card.

Moreover, checkout counters take up far less area than cash registers. Because self checkout is usually faster than registers, there is usually only one line per numerous checkout stations, allowing for more room.

Mobile scanners and smart carts

Mobile scanners and smart carts are a higher-level self checkout machine than counters. These systems use store-provided technology to allow customers to scan items as they add them to their shopping basket or cart. Mobile scanners and smart carts have an advantage over cash registers and counters when it comes to the cost of space. They unquestionably take up less room. 

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As a point of sale providing functional mobile self checkout, ConnectPOS is widely used by many retailers. Its simple barcode scanning and various payment options can improve the checkout process.

Self checkout kiosk systems

Food retail, clothing, and bulky item sales, and entertainment venues are all common uses for self service kiosks.

Self checkout machine

Kiosks are usually used to sell food and similar commodities, and they integrate food order and inventory management software with POS technology. Customers can choose what they want and pay with a credit card.

Self-Service Networks is one of the most popular companies which provide self checkout kiosk systems. Founded in 1996 by Thomas Smith, Self-Service Networks was an early pioneer in the interactive kiosk and self-service business. It has assisted businesses in providing secure, unattended transaction solutions to their customers.

Self checkout RFID scanner gates

Scanner gates that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are a technical solution which commonly used as a security precaution. Its main function is to prevent products lost. RFID, on the other hand, is finding a new application in modernizing retail.

Customers can scan an entire cart of groceries or other goods and checkout without stopping. Walking through RFID scanner gates does not require many tasks. The customer pushes the cart through the gate, looks at a list of things on a kiosk screen, and pays with a card, cash, or a palm scan. One typical example is RFID Library Gate Solutions from Eco Track System. Integrated sounder and alarm lights, this self checkout machine is compatible with book labels to ensure proper detection and prevention against false alarms.


For years, self checkout machines have been critical to retail performance. So, if you still find it hard to pick up the most suitable option, call us immediately to get the best advice.

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