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4 Best Shipping Service In The US

The US Census Bureau has pointed out that within the third quarter of 2020, the total sales of the eCommerce industry have reached nearly $200 billion, which accounts for 13.5% of the US retail industry. And shipping and mailing service providers have greatly supported retailers to obtain this achievement by delivering orders on time at reasonable prices. Indeed, shipping and mailing services always play an important role in the growth of retail businesses.

In fact, there are various companies providing shipping and mailing services in the US. In this article, we would like to list the best Shipping and Mailing Services in the US.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

USPS was first introduced in 1775 and soon became the leading shipping and mailing option for small businesses. This company offers both international and domestic shipping services and usually takes orders 2 to 9 days to reach their customers. Besides, this company has developed an APIs that allows businesses to integrate shipping options to their online stores.

There are 3 price levels for 3 basic types of packages. For first class mail, senders have to pay from $2.66 to $5.54. Priority Mail Flat Rate package costs retailers from $7.35 to $8 per package. And the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box is $7.9 per predefined parcel.

Additionally, from January 2021, USPS also offers businesses with the Click-N-Ship services and allows them to gain loyalty credit. In general there are also 3 basic levels: Base Loyalty Program, Silver Tier and Gold Tier.



Sendle is an Australian shipping service provider that was founded in 2014. This company offers domestic shipping services for small packages (up to 20 pounds) throughout the US.

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A standard Sendle package will cost $8.28, which is a little less than that provided by USPS. Besides, there are also discount programs offered by this company. Businesses can decrease their shipping cost to $7.56 if they ship above 200 packages each month.  Orders delivered by Sendle usually take 1 to 3 days to arrive. In particular, Sendle ensures that their shipping process is 100% carbon neutral.



The shipping company – FedEx was established in 2913 and located in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx provides business shipping services throughout all 50 US.states as well as internationally. FedEX’s shipping time can be up to 2 days earlier than services by other companies thanks to their every day delivery service. There are an array of shipping costs which are commonly calculated based on the delivery speed. Besides, FedEx has also developed tools to support businesses grow their online store services, smoothen their shipping process and fulfill customer requirements.


DHL Express

DHL was established in 1969 and located in Plantation in Florida. As a subsidiary of a prominent logistic company in Germany – the Deutsche Post DHL Group, there is no doubt about why we choose DHL as one of the best shipping and mailing services.

This company is famous for greatly supporting new businesses worldwide by providing them with a detailed international shipping guide. This guidance contains instructions on how businesses can ensure a flawless shipping experience.


Besides, DHL also offers detailed information about their service costs. Specifically, their shipping costs are calculated based on the size, shipping speed, surcharges required for particular packages and other extra services that retailers may ask for.


Shipping and mailing service is a key factor that significantly contributes to retail business growth. In the US, there are numerous shipping companies, which may confuse business. With the 4 recommendations above, we hope that this article will help you find a suitable partner.

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