4 Shopify POS Ideas For Upgrades In 2022

In only a few years, many Shopify POS systems have evolved from a simple tool for recording sales transactions to a complex platform. In this article, you’ll learn about 4 Shopify POS ideas that will improve your business in 2022.

Integration with customer loyalty programs

Customers are more inclined to return for more transactions when businesses show them that their loyalty is valued. This is advantageous to businesses since even a 5% increase in client retention may increase earnings from 25% to 95%. Moreover, 75% of customers favor firms that offer rewards programs (SmallBizGenius, 2021) and 52% will join the program of a company they visit often (Yotpo, 2018). 

As a result, creating a loyalty program and integrating it with a store’s POS can only benefit them. While most businesses would supply stamp and sticker cards, having a computerized reward program is an excellent idea. Because some customers may forget to bring their reward cards, this is the case. Customers’ transactions can be linked to their reward IDs simply by entering their registration numbers or names into a digital reward program.

Buy online, local pickup is the new Shopify POS idea

Managing a retail business during the COVID-19 epidemic while maintaining the safety of customers and employees is difficult. With the all-new POS, you can collaborate with your clients to design solutions that operate while addressing current and future consumer demands.

Curbside pickup is available with many POS. This implies that businesses may offer personalized curbside pickup instructions in front of their establishments, allowing customers to shop online and pick up their items safely while adhering to physical separation regulations.

Faster contactless payment

Customers expect transactions to be speedier in addition to a personalized purchasing experience. Upgrading and adding functionality to outdated POS devices is one Shopify POS idea to ensure speedier transactions. New Shopify POS systems are the most popular POS purchase plans for merchants in 2019, with 51% considering the shift (Hospitality Tech, 2019).

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Larger companies attract more customers, which is why 46% of store owners are considering adding more modules to keep up with existing demand (Hospitality Tech, 2019).

Finally, as mobile payment alternatives become more prevalent, shops and restaurants alike are searching for ways to accommodate the trend. This is why 39% of company owners prefer a mobile POS system.

Contactless payment options include smartphone payment ones that support RFID like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. It’s a faster way for users to pay and get on with the rest of their day. Many retailers choose ConnectPOS as the top option since its seamless omnichannel experience includes various types of payment.

Transition to cloud-based POS

In the United States, 61% of quick-service restaurants have used cloud-based POS, according to the Pymnts. In fact, 60% of new retailers choose cloud POS over traditional POS (Reforming Retail, 2018). One of the most popular POS technology developments nowadays is cloud-based POS. According to Forbes, 61% of merchants are considering a cloud-based POS system for their firms (Forbes, 2018).

Furthermore, it was expected that by the end of 2021, cloud-based POS use would have increased by 50%. (Reforming Retail, 2018). As a result, now is as good a moment as any to welcome change. 


With 4 above outstanding Shopify POS ideas, you will be able to manage more transactions on a daily basis and cater to younger customers. If you want to know more solutions, call us right now to talk with our knowledgeable support team who can help you enhance your company process.

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