5 Examples of Thanksgiving Omnichannel Sales Strategy

The largest shopping events of the year, including Thanksgiving and Black Friday are close! This is when most retailers are preparing their most inspiring marketing campaigns for the holiday. With that in mind, we’ve selected the top 5 Thanksgiving omnichannel sales strategy campaigns to help you stand out from other competitors this season! 

5 Good examples of Thanksgiving Omnichannel Sales Strategy 

Coca-Cola: “Share a Coke” campaign

The giant beverage Coca-cola is famous for its marketing campaigns that increased the consumption of soft drinks by 7%. The brand encouraged customers to hunt down any bottle for those who would be present at their Thanksgiving dinner table and then share their moments on social media under the #ShareaCoke hashtag. 

The result of this was 16,000 engagements on Instagram of the brand! Several buyers take their opportunities on having those bottles they loved in stores, or they could order such exclusive bottles from Coke’s site.

With the help of a seamless POS system, you can invest in a strong omnichannel marketing campaign to generate a seamless buyer experience! 

BarkPost: Email holiday marketing

Thanksgiving is the ideal time of year for BarkPost to put the omnichannel strategy into action and innovate marketing efforts.

Its email marketing campaign is meant to engage, grow subscribers, and encourage more people to use its monthly.

By sending professional emails full of holiday-themed videos, tips, and doggy-centric information, the brand witnessed good interaction of users with content and subscription service.

The outcome of this campaign included: 

  • Increase in revenue of $250 million by the end of the year
  • Subscriptions account for 80% of its sales.

Postmates: Friendsgiving On-Demand

Friendsgiving turned into an unofficial counterpart of the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyone who didn’t want to celebrate the traditional holiday could get together with friends to welcome Friendsgiving. In this campaign, Postmates selected a wide array of recipes made and approved by moms that help people to cook together on this event. 

The customers can order their favorite ingredients displayed on each recipe through the Postmate app. As a result, the brand succeeds in growing the audience base while its on-demand shopping and delivery service have created $1.2 billion since the launch of this campaign.

Old Navy: #OneMillThrill

Old Navy to give away $1 million on Black Friday (PRNewsFoto/Old Navy)

The brand launched a great campaign on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday in which the first 500 people in line at all stores would have a chance to win one million dollars. The hashtag #OneMillThrill also contributes to boosting brand awareness online by driving people to chat about this huge giveaway.

The holiday marketing strategy works well since it’s a good time for sharing, talking, and giving. The hashtag can create a conversation and encompassing the pictures of shoppers in line and their purchases.

Stovetop: “The Artisanal Hipster Pilgrim 

People love stuffing, but they only eat it one day per year: Thanksgiving.

There are 10 Facebook videos published during this campaign and gained over 4.7 million video views. Besides, the Stove Top’s strategic approach to digital marketing earned the brand a Shorty Award nomination for the marketing humor.

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Wrapping Up

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to connect customers with creative content. There’s still a lot of things you can do to catch your audience’s attention this season! We’re here to help you power up your Thanksgiving omnichannel sales strategy. If you’re interested, find out more about these top retail POS systems for an all-in-one solution.

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