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What Are Five Big Misunderstandings When Using POS?

These days, most retail businesses treasure the Point of Sale (POS) system. It acts as a valuable asset for retailers to conduct sales in person, as well as managing multiple stores. Businesses use POS systems to complete purchases, store information and collect reports, which are vital aspects of business development.

The modern cloud POS comes loaded with several features, many retailers have adopted this technology as a viable solution, but there are many retailers that haven’t due to the rumours and myths, creating fear among potential users about its safety and effectiveness.

Let’s go ahead and find out some common misunderstandings that you might assume while using POS.

Expensive Price

pos expensive price

Most cloud-based POS systems will charge you a monthly subscription fee. This will lessen your return on investment in the long run. The cost of hiring a team to handle business activities will probably cost you more than purchasing a POS system that does the same work.

Due to its technology and as it can be used tableside too, Point of Sale system and eliminates the chance of order errors. Hence seamless service without complications is a big contributor for happy guests and eventually bigger revenues.

Security Risks

using pos security risk

Customers who are concerned about the security risks are those who use their digital cards during transactions. To avoid being exposed to other individuals, usually, the system is integrated with PCI-compliant payment gateways to ensure transparency and security.

With a cloud-based POS system, you don’t need to worry as the data is stored in a private highly secure cloud system, which will provide a higher level of security through encryption and multiple backups.


pos installation

Retailers assume that due to its advanced technology and price, only skilled people with trained experience can set up and operate the system. However, its installation isn’t that tricky. A few systems require a comprehensive set up, whereas cloud-based POS software work on the plug and play features where you can handle this on your own.

Most suppliers offer on-site administration, even provide video training and free demo. Sometimes POS providers offer staff who can mentor employees to utilize the system proficiently

System Upgrades 

POS systems require frequent updates to upgrade new versions for your retail business. Most providers usually offer free upgrades for their clients and even support during technical setups.

Connection Reliability

To maintain normal operations you need a consistent internet connection. Even though the internet goes off, POS systems provide both online and offline modes to optimize business performance. During offline mode, retailers still can view the products, make orders and receive payments. Later the offline data will be saved automatically when the internet is back.

In conclusion,

The Point of Sale system has its advantages and disadvantages, but the benefits it brings are sure to outweigh. With this article, we hope that we have clear all your confusion relating to using POS.

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