Order Management System

6 Tips For Better Order Management System

In the era of digitization, businesses have to put up their best to successfully satisfy customers. Subsequently, it’s crucial that retailers adopt up-to-date technology for order management systems precisely in order to survive in this tough competition.

More and more retailers with brick-and-mortar stores are gradually shifting into online space, nowadays. And if any business is in pursuit of digital transformation, effective Order Management definitely needs taking into account. 

What Is an Order Management System (OMS)?

Order Management System (OMS) is a software system that automates order processing and improves order management efficiency.  This system mainly supports retailers in inventory and order issues from the retailer outlet until products reach the customers.

The order management process requires a great amount of time and resources, along with proper systems and software that are able to tackle item orders accurately on time.

The process is a part of supply chain systems that involves:

  • Order placement and fulfilment
  • Payment processing
  • Inventory and warehouse management.
  • Pick and pack
  • Delivery and shipping
  • Customer order tracking
  • Returns and refunds
Order Management System
Order Management System

Order Management Software

These softwares fill the gap in the order management process, from entering orders to accounting. Order Management Software allows companies in the digital economy to automate inventory management, speed up purchase as well as to fulfil the ordering process. Some of the best OMS software are ConnectPOS, Magento, etc

6 Easy Tips for Better OMS

  • Maintain Strong Relationship with The Suppliers
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Build a strong relationship with the suppliers, since these relationships will help retailers to run a successful business. Treating them with courtesy and making timely payments will greatly contribute to establishing a healthy rapport and benefit your retail businesses.

  • Smart Warehouse Strategy

Customers always expect to soon receive their online deliveries. In order words,  retailers are supposed to satisfy customers within a tight timeframe. To manage these requirements, retail businesses should consider delivering orders from the most suitable warehouses for customers’ addresses. 

Online Retail Business
Online Retail Business
  • Have Tools to Better Management

Retailers can also integrate modern technology into the ordering system to provide fast deliveries. These tools allow you to track orders and notify customers about their order status, which will significantly increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall perception of your brand.

  • Personalize Orders

Go one step ahead and add personal touches to your order. Your shoppers will receive emails automatically during installation of their accounts, when purchase is made, and during your order status update. Businesses can consider adding short text about your store for recommendations. 

  • Streamline Refunds and Returns

Have a distinct policy on returns and refunds, especially with terms of validity. When customers can assure you about your supporting services , they are more likely to buy products. 

  • Follow Up and Ask for Review

Product reviews can improve your business, as they are entirely able to build up or even shatter a brand. Retailers can add an automated follow-up email asking for product reviews within a few days after the delivery. According to research from Bright Local, 85% of people trust online reviews before buying products.


Order Management systems always play an important role in any retail process, especially when digital information has become more popular. In order to improve your OMS, businesses can consider applying these tips as well as integrating suitable software.

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If you are looking for powerful order management software for your businesses, ConnectPOS is always willing to help you. Contact us for more information.

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