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5 Tips To Increase Cyber Monday Sales With POS

Shoppers are looking forward to Cyber Monday to enjoy shopping, notwithstanding the changes in consumer behavior brought on by COVID-19. So, it’s critical to get your store ready for the upcoming holiday season. Let’s check out 5 tips to fully prepare for a surge in site traffic and to increase Cyber Monday sales.

Update your products and online inventory

Having an overabundance of site traffic and sales isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, before that happens, make sure your website has all of your products and inventory counts up to date. 

POS can help you sort this out and increase Cyber Monday sales. Spend a few hours going over your product descriptions to ensure that the information is clear and simple. This can limit the number of inquiries that potential consumers have, making it easier for them to make a decision and complete their order.

Optimize your website mobile-friendly 

By the end of Cyber Monday 2020, a total of $10.8 billion had been spent online, according to Adobe. Mobile purchasing is becoming a popular option, even after the pandemic.

The importance of improving the user experience for mobile purchasing is growing. Make sure your navigation is obvious, your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are easy to spot, and popups and sidebars are removed to optimize for mobile devices. Your material should be both relevant and readable.

Moreover, when Internet connections are slower on mobile devices, users tend to get more impatient. You should make sure that your eCommerce site loads quickly to improve the user experience and reduce the annoyance. 

Provide various payment methods 

Accepting a variety of online payment methods will help you reach out to more people, enhance the checkout process, and ultimately increase revenue. However, adding more payment options to your eCommerce site might be a difficult undertaking. That’s why POS can assist you in accepting and managing all major or alternative payment methods.

Look for POSs that can integrate with credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and also offer local payment choices. ConnectPOS is an outstanding software for this feature since it integrates with Tyro, PayPal Here, Payment Express, Zettle by PayPal, Cardknox,, etc.

The shopkeepers are able to see a summary of the transaction history and the customers might find the shopping experience smoother with online payments. You will easily increase Cyber Monday sales in this busy time.

Buy online, pick up in-store 

You can provide curbside pickup if you have a physical location in addition to your online store. In 2020, Retail Dive reported that 59% of customers are more likely to continue curbside service during the epidemic. Meanwhile, according to a poll done by Digital Commerce 360, 53% of merchants believe BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In-Store) will play a bigger part in their business in the future.

Some of your clients may desire to avoid paying shipping fees and being stopped at the border. 

Offer free shipping to increase Cyber Monday sales

Offering free shipping for the duration of the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend may help you boost your conversion rate. Extra delivery expenses is one of the main reasons why buyers quit their online shopping basket, according to the Baymard Institute.

It is a creative idea to pass the savings to your buyers to boost customer satisfaction and compete with firms that aren’t offering this incentive.


You see, POS can be of great help to you to increase Cyber Monday sales, so why don’t you try our ConnectPOS – a platform which offers multiple payments, handles inventory perfectly, and integrates with various shipping units? Don’t hesitate but call us immediately to receive more details.

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