5 Tips To Prepare Your Online Store For Halloween

What better day to launch your online store than on Halloween – a widely celebrated American holiday! It’s a great time for retailers to reach new clients and introduce new products. The trick is getting the storefront website ready and creating a service that suits the spookiness of the occasion! Let’s see some critical tips for preparing Halloween online stores.

Halloween “Flash Sale”

Halloween “Flash Sale”

Flash sales usually entail a momentary steep discount on a product, typically followed by further promotion of new development after a specific period. The reason for this discounting is to increase the sense of urgency for customers so that they will purchase items having been saved up. With the upcoming Halloween season, retailers can make a lot of money if they use this opportunity wisely.

You can use a countdown timer with the products related to Halloween you want to sell in your Halloween online store (10% for each bill). Shoppers will make purchasing decisions faster when the product is both a discount and meets their needs.

Halloween Email Marketing

Halloween Email Marketing

Sending emails can encourage users to buy something specific or simply provide the information they might need when purchasing online. Emails may also include discount codes and free gifts so the customer will feel more inclined to spend money in your Halloween online store.

Show your customers that you care about them by emailing the Halloween storytelling contest. They will participate by telling a scary story; target audiences may receive different incentives (up to 25%) depending on the excellence this story brings.

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In particular, you can give an email with wishes and 10% discount codes for your consumers when they have already bought on your online store (100 – 500$ at last bought). You can also take advice on what information they might need for whatever item they’re looking at purchasing online.

Keep An Eye On The Mobile Version Of The Online Store

Keep An Eye On The Mobile Version Of The Online Store

Always remember to keep your website in the “latest” condition by updating it. Sometimes your online shopping applications may experience minor glitches or need further functional improvements to increase productivity.

This update shows that you’re very focused on efficient sales and customer convenience first. They will feel more welcome and have a better experience when they purchase on your Halloween online store.

Moreover, your mobile version should have a self-checkout feature because, with greater accuracy, you can make shorter lines and faster checkout for your shopper. It gives a better in-store experience that optimizes the availability of new space and reduces queues to improve customer experience.

With ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App, your customers can have a seamless shopping experience in-store via their mobile phones.

ConnectPOS - Halloween online store

Make Your Website Look Spooky

Make Your Website Look Spooky

It doesn’t have to be an address specializing in selling Halloween items for customers to find you. It’s enough to put in a little festive atmosphere to let users know they can buy items on your Halloween online store.

You can choose to attract attention by using black and orange products and displaying them on the screen. In addition, you might want to take advantage of whirling movements that create such gloomy colours, creepy backgrounds, images of ghosts, spiders, etc. And don’t forget the pumpkin lantern, but be a little more creative.

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In a similar case, you can create themed coupon pop-ups that appear as soon as shoppers visit your store, with fun sound effects. Offer 10% off if they leave an email address or follow you on the website. If your homepage has a slider, create a Halloween banner and add it to the slider. Here are some little details that will show you’re happy and festive.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media - Halloween online store

Social media is a great way to build up your brand, attract more customers, and create excitement for your products. So make sure you are utilizing social media for your Halloween online store to its fullest potential clients.

If you’re selling online this year, start by creating free giveaways each month. You will randomly choose three users when they comment on Facebook or Instagram to take a reward.

The key is giving away something that will be of interest to your followers so they’ll want to win it! Start by giving them a thing of your products so customers can use it daily and get brand exposure in the process.


Halloween is an important event in the whole year for many e-commerce business doers. Making a clear plan and strategically preparing for your Halloween online store is crucial to help acquire more customers and ease their shopping experience in the future. So let’s all enjoy a spooky yet prosperous Halloween with ConnectPOS!

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