Top 4 Wholesale POS System Options

Wholesalers provide goods in large quantities and at low prices. With such a distinctive and large way of doing business, they definitely need a suitable point-of-sale (POS) system to better manage and automate the selling process. Are you unsure which wholesale POS system is the best for your business? Here are the top 4 of them: 


wholesale pos system: lightspeed

Lightspeed POS provides a cloud-based wholesale POS system with more than checkout capabilities from their Internet business and POS systems. This allows entrepreneurs to spend less time agonizing about small details, leaving more time focusing on more critical issues, such as sustaining the business.

Lightspeed’s approach to dealing with business administration and point-of-sale systems gives you unrivaled access to your stock, worker administration, and analytical resources.

All POS systems come with an infinite number of items, such as advanced inventory control, sales, multi-store management, software updates, premium service, and more. Lightspeed currently offers 3 plan levels, with the corresponding costs of $169/month, $289/month, and $99/month.



ConnectPOS is the next wholesale POS system you should consider. With ConnectPOS, e-commerce retailers can experience a great omnichannel experience.

ConnectPOS software is compatible with both PCs (Windows and Mac OS) and cell phones (iOS and Android). It has 100% real-time inventory synchronization between the POS system and the inventory, which is particularly useful for wholesalers to keep track of a large number of items. In addition, it also allows users to count/save stock numbers and improves inventory management.

An outstanding feature of ConnectPOS is an investment pays off, that is, third-party payment providers are not charged an extra processing fee.


wholesale pos system: vend

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale device for all styles and sizes of wholesalers. Vend provides tools for managing the customer experience, sales, inventory, and customer data.

Vend is compatible with various devices, including Macs, PCs, and tablets. It also works with different in-store hardware, such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash registers. When the Internet goes down, users can still sell, and the device automatically resyncs until the system is back up.

In addition, customers may use their cell phones to check into a store and pay through their PayPal account. Vend accepts input via mouse and keyboard or touchscreen, and the point-of-sale screen can be personalized to give customers quick access to standard products or acts. Inventory management, customer information monitoring, and revenue reports are among the other functions.



Erply is another outstanding POS system for wholesale. It offers free cloud POS software. This software, designed for small and medium-sized businesses, brings the power and versatility of a conventional POS system to a portable computer, giving your company a professional appearance without the price tag.

Installation of POS hardware is a breeze. All has been customized for you using Erply’s offline POS app installation wizard; you can simply follow the steps to complete the installation. Erply can spit out receipts 65% faster than conventional drivers using direct printing technology. When it comes to drivers, they are no longer needed. Connecting your receipt printer, customer monitor, or cash drawer to a machine and turning it on is all it takes.

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A beautiful point-of-sale system is worthless unless it’s accompanied by a robust back-office system. Erply combines elegance and intelligence. Stock replenishment based on reorder restock levels, inventory management, CRM, loyalty program, promotional campaign management, coupons, and employee commissions monitoring – are only a few of the powerful tools available.


In this article, we have discussed some of the best wholesale POS system options with their outstanding features. It now depends on your business needs to decide which system to choose. A final tip: focus on your specific needs to select the most suitable option.

ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider that has helped many businesses all over the world to thrive. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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