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The Top 5 Best Cash Drawers In 2021 For Retailers

A point-of-sale system is becoming a necessary tool for many businesses, especially in the retail and restaurant industries. It contains many great features, such as inventory management or financial reporting. A POS system cannot be completed without a cash drawer. This unit is designed to store high-value currency safely and conveniently as it is strongly built and even comes with keys. With a cash drawer around, rest assured you will securely keep your money. In this article today, we have researched and gathered the top 5 best cash drawers in 2021 for your business to consider.  

MMF Cash Drawer Val-u Line 

The MMF Val-U is one of the best cash drawers on the market. Designed by the leader in the field MMF, the Val-U Line is your go-to drawer when you need a tough, reliable, and affordable. Its mental finish has a smooth powder coat that comes in either black or white. This cash drawer is available in three popular sizes with the two larger sizes accommodating 5 bills and 8 different coins. 

The high-impact ABS cash tray and bill weights hold up day-to-day use, and with your choice of US or European trays, the Val-U Line will become a versatile solution. It costs $116.36 and will increase if users choose to add more advanced features to it.

Here are several key attributes of the MMF Val-U Line Cash Drawer:

  • Compatible with most major receipt printers
  • Dual media slots for additional storage
  • Available in cool white and black 
MMF Val-U the base cash draweer

Vasario Series Cash Drawer

Vasario Series is a combination of durability and reliability which makes it the best cash drawer for bars, medium volume retailers, or anyone needing cash storage. Available in the basic black and beige color, the Vasario can meet the needs of retailers all over the world. 

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Besides cash drawer, retailers should choose the most suitable POS software to improve the quality of omnichannel approach. ConnectPOS, which is the leading cloud-based POS software for retail stores, provides a free 14-day trial without requiring any credit card.

It is featured with a roller bearing suspension system, allowing a smooth opening and closing of the drawer. Multiple till styles are available, enabling the Vasario to meet a variety of currency requirements, including international bill storage. A four-level lock is built-in which offers multiple levels of security and can be keyed randomly or alike depending on your store’s needs. An additional till cover is provided will give users peace of mind when taking the till back to the office to be counted. 

Here are several features of the Vasario Series Cash Drawer: 

  • USB, serial, printer driven interface options
  • Latch mechanism rated at over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Available with or without media slots
  • Available in black and beige
Vasario Series best cash drawer

MMF Advantage Manual Cash Drawer

Another cash drawer from the big-name MMF offers high security and great durability. It is designed for businesses that need a safe, yet easy-opening drawer. Being a manual cash drawer, the Advantage can be installed anywhere you need it, making it a smart choice for mobile money handling such as at farmer’s markets or conventions. 

For added security, the Lockit cash drop compartment puts a lock on top of one of the media slots, ensuring items such as large bills stay safe all day long. This cash drawer model gives you the high security and sturdiness line without requiring a PC or receipt printer to activate the drawer. Its cost starts at $180.07 which is a little bit pricey compared to other options on this list of the top cash drawers. 

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Here are several attributes offered by the MMF Advantage Manual Cash Drawer: 

  • Available in black and putty
  • 3 media slots, 2 standards, 1 Lockit cash drop compartment
  • Available in 2 sizes
MMF Advantage Manual

5 Bill 6 Coin Cash Tray, Removable Coin Compartment, 24V, RJ11/RJ12 Key-Lock, Media Slot

Among our list of the best cash drawers, this is the most affordable one, starting at $59.90. This model is specifically designed for small businesses with basic POS cash drawer features. With the microswitch, heavy-duty metal frame, this is a very durable choice for commercial use

The money box has a built-in cash tray that comes with a removable coin compartment to maximize the partitions to 5 bill slots and 6 coin slots. The front panel has 1 media slot for large bills, checks, and receipts storage without opening the drawer. 

Here are several key features of this cash drawer: 

  • Secured with 3-position key lock: 1-manual open, 2-auto open printers/POS, 3-lock
  • Compatible with most major receipt printer brands such as Epson, Citizen, JAY, etc
the best cash drawer on amazon

MMF Advantage Cash Drawer

Last but not least on the list of top cash drawers is the MMD Advantage. Featuring some of the best security and durability on the market, this model is a fantastic option for high-stakes retail and hospitality environments.  Even though it possesses many advanced functions, the reason why it ranks low on our list is because of its price, starting at $195.00. Apart from the large hotels and retails, MMF Advantage will not be favored among small retailers who take up the majority of businesses worldwide. 

The drawer offers multiple locking schemes, including one where only the manager can manually open, eliminating the fear of untracked cash access. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, the Advantage fits in virtually with any POS installation easily. It can also be a printer, standard serial, or multi-serial driven, making it a class leader among the cash drawer choices. 

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Below are several key features of the MMF Advantage Cash Drawer: 

  • Stainless steel or painted face
  • Available in Black, Cool White, or Putty
  • USB, Multi-Serial, Standard Serial, or Printer Driven Interface options
MMF advantage

Wrapping Up

We have done all the heavy lifting for you, finding the top cash drawers which are top-rated and easy-to-use. All you have to do is consider this list carefully to choose which drawer best meets your store’s needs.

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