Top 5 Magento Wholesale POS Systems

The ideal wholesale point of sale system (POS) should include the necessary features to boost your store’s efficiency and profitability. To reap the benefits, you should consider investing in a system that is tailored to your company’s needs. In this blog, the best five Magento wholesale POS systems will be reviewed to assist you in managing your business and increasing your profit margin.


ConnectPOS magento wholesale pos

ConnectPOS is a leading Magento wholesale POS with unique capabilities for large businesses. Its strong inventory management features can help firms keep track of not just one, but numerous warehouses and clients. Wholesalers may simply add, remove, or change inventory, as well as receive alerts when an item is about to run out. Large wholesale inventories can now be managed from a single point of sale.

Furthermore, because wholesalers serve businesses of various sizes, they frequently have numerous price ranges for different clients. ConnectPOS can thus help wholesalers use a group pricing POS option to effectively regulate their price strategies. With all of these features, ConnectPOS comes with very reasonable prices, compared to other POS systems on the market. This is also another advantage of this Magento wholesale POS.



Lightspeed is a Magento wholesale POS system designed to let wholesalers manage all areas of their operations from a single location. For example, the system lets wholesalers order stock from connected catalogs and centralize purchasing. Additionally, it also allows you to offer unified, grouped, or one-of-a-kind items in your business.

You’ll be able to manage unit expenses, receive low-stock notifications, and optimize stock using this solution in your firm. Lightspeed also provides you with the necessary business data to help you expand by supporting multiple variations.


magento wholesale pos erply

Erply is one of the top point-of-sale systems for B2B retail and wholesale firms in terms of company growth. It provides your company with unique features such as a built-in CRM, accurate cost control, and streamlined workflows. 

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All of the price list and inventory pricing elements you need are included in the Erply POS system. As a result, it enables your company to precisely determine the cost of items as well as assess earnings more efficiently. When it comes to the wholesale pricing list, the approach can provide increased flexibility. For example, you’ll be able to provide discounted rates only to your contractor customers and not other groups of customers.



If you run a wholesale-retail firm on Magento, you’ll need a POS system that’s created specifically for this type of operation. The AccuPOS system will be helpful in this situation. This cutting-edge technology not only makes selling easier, but also provides improved customer service to your clients.

This system makes managing sales easier for you, from one-time clients to frequent bulk-buying customers. Wholesalers can better manage their workforce and warehouses as a result of this.


magento wholesale pos vend

Vend is one of the most widely used merchant POS systems among retailers and wholesalers. This system includes diverse inventory management and powerful customer loyalty programs in addition to a feature-rich POS system. With this solution in place in your wholesale store, you’ll be able to simply manage and extend your operation through the cloud server.

Moreover, Vend makes it easy to build long-term connections with clients and provide personalized services. The system is primarily intended to collect and maintain client information such as preferences and previous transactions. You’ll be able to adapt your product to fit client needs with built-in loyalty programs.


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Wholesalers are frequently caught in the middle of a difficult situation. This is due to the possibility that your clients would choose to buy straight from the manufacturers. To avoid this from happening, you must provide customers with more value for their money. We hope that this blog has provided useful information about the top Magento wholesale POS systems.

If you have any questions about point of sale or ConnectPOS specifically, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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