Top 5 POS Systems For Pet Shops

To manage a pet shop, store owners have to take multiple tasks, including payments, inventory management, customer service, staff control, etc. A POS system is highly needed for pet shops to ensure smooth-running operations. Do you want to leverage your pet shops to the next level? This blog will give you the top 5 POS system options for pet shops based on their outstanding features. 


pos for pet shops - connectpos

ConnectPOS is an all-in-one omnichannel POS that can cater to the needs of different industries, including pet shops. This POS system has been well-known for keeping businesses ahead of the game by offering the latest POS technologies. To name a few, ConnectPOS has excellent click-and-collect features, inventory management tools and integrated reward points system. Therefore, it is suitable for pet shops with an eCommerce store and who want to grow their customer base. 

The system also comes with many more features, so we recommend trying their 14-day free trial for the best experience. Regarding pricing, ConnectPOS offers a very affordable pricing plan compared to its competitors, which starts from $39/device/month.

Korona POS


Korona POS is the next system we would like to recommend to our readers. This POS provider claims to help staff members connect more with customers and less with the point of sale system. They do so by providing a fast and simple pet shop POS. The system comes with real-time data analytics, inventory control, customer relationship management and loyalty. Regarding pricing, Korona POS is available at a subscription of $49/month as the most basic plan.


pos for pet shops - vend

Vend is a big player on the market of POS systems in general. When it comes to pet shops, Vend also offers excellent solutions for store owners. It has an intuitive user interface and robust features, making it a suitable POS for pet shops that are preparing for growth. Some of Vend’s most outstanding features include multi-store management, customer relationship management, and online appointment scheduling. 

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An important note about Vend’s online booking is the integration with Timely, a cloud-based third-party app. If you have a service-based pet shop, this combination will provide a powerful online calendar to manage different time slots for pet lovers. The only concern about Vend is their pricing ($99/month for the Lite version), which is not so suitable for small businesses. However, if you have a big pet shop that can afford this price, this option might be worthwhile.



Like Vend, Shopkeep is a POS suitable for every industry, and pet stores are not the exception. It has features for both the front lines and back-office management. In Shopkeep, pet store owners can easily manage different working shifts and receive several marketing tools (such as sending personalized emails). The POS system can also provide useful reports and analytics for store owners to understand their businesses better. In addition, Shopkeep Pocket Mobile App also allows users to access data from mobile devices. This lets pet store owners have greater flexibility when providing in-store service for customers.

Bindo POS

pos for pet shops - bindo

Unlike the previous 4 options, Bindo is a POS system that runs on iPad. However, it still offers sufficient tools for pet shops, including powerful data storage and many more eCommerce features. Their eCommerce module is called Bindo Storefront, which can automatically sync inventory data between the online and offline stores with secure payments. In addition, their customer loyalty and gift card features also make Bindo an outstanding POS for pet lovers.


POS system for pet shops is not difficult to find in the present days. However, our tip is to choose your POS based on your specific business needs and budget. Last but not least, if you are interested in ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to contact us or start a 14-day free trial for the best experience!

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