Top 5 POS Systems In Malaysia

If you are a retailer, point of sale (POS) systems may sound familiar to you. It is an all-in-one solution for businesses to monitor their transactions, inventory, customer management, etc. In Malaysia, POS systems are also widely used by many businesses. Are you wondering which one will be suitable for your store? This article will give an overview of the top 5 POS systems in Malaysia for your consideration.


connectpos - malaysia pos

Being a leading POS provider all over the world, ConnectPOS also invests in Malaysia as one of its target markets. The POS system is well-known for its omnichannel features in multiple major eCommerce platforms (such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify), which allow businesses to connect different touchpoints seamlessly. These outstanding features include click-and-collect, real-time synchronization, PWA Consumer App, and many more. Moreover, ConnectPOS is compatible with different devices (PCs, tablets, mobile phones) and operating systems (iOS or Android). 

Along with these powers, the affordable pricing plans (starting from $39/device/month) make ConnectPOS outweigh its competitors in Malaysia. The company offers a 14-day trial for better considerations. If you are a retailer planning to go omnichannel, ConnectPOS can be the best option for you.



From a start-up, StoreHub has grown throughout the years with a focus on the Asian markets. Their user interface is simple and clear so that beginners can use the POS with ease. StoreHub is famous for its remote management tools, including employee management, promotions, attendance tracking, and so on. With one account, users can easily sync their StoreHub POS with the eCommerce store. 

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However, StoreHub is an eCommerce platform on its own, so it is not possible yet for existing online stores to be imported into the StoreHub ecosystem. Needless to say, if you are planning to open a new business with eCommerce features in Malaysia, StoreHub is still a good POS to consider.


xilnex - malaysia pos

Xilnex is the next system on our list of the top POS providers in Malaysia. The system includes almost every basic function that businesses need to operate their stores, such as employee management, terminal monitoring, auto-generated reports, etc. In addition, users can also monitor the CRM list and enhance customer relationships. Unlike StoreHub, Xilnex can be integrated with Shopify, making it a suitable POS for Shopify merchants. 



Slurp has a slightly different focus, which is retailers in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Malaysia. Slurp offers users customizable options with powerful inventory management tools. They are particularly important to manage different ingredients in the backend. Moreover, you can also analyze your budget, keep track of sales, and monitor cash flow. If businesses require a portable POS in Malaysia to better serve in-store guests, Slurp also comes with the iPad version. In addition, it also has customer management features, such as loyalty programs and vouchers.


malaysia pos - irs

IRS POS is suitable for both retailers and restaurants thanks to its great flexibility. It becomes trusted by customers even in international competition. IRP POS has a user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing plan. The system centralizes control over the POS, online cloud backup, mobile and iPad access, etc. If you are finding a local POS in Malaysia, IRS POS can be a worthwhile consideration. 

Wrapping up

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We hope that this blog can give you some brief information about the top POS systems in Malaysia. Please note that the list only gives you some outstanding features. Therefore, we would recommend researching more about the POS by having a free trial or contacting the developer for more information.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in ConnectPOS, don’t hesitate to talk to us for more details!

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