Top 5 POS Systems In Thailand

Thailand is one of the most potential eCommerce markets in South East Asia, with its market reaching $8,156 million in 2020. Are you a retailer in Thailand and looking for a good POS system to keep up with this growing market? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 POS systems in Thailand based on their outstanding features.


ConnectPOS is a POS system in Thailand that is specifically designed for omnichannel businesses. The system is well-known for its omnichannel features, such as click-and-collect and multi-store management tools. Moreover, ConnectPOS also comes with real-time synchronization between the inventory level and the system. If businesses look for more advanced functions, they also offer top-notch technologies. One of the most powerful features is the PWA Consumer App. It gives customers a seamless combination between traditional shopping and digital support. 

For these features, ConnectPOS provides very affordable prices, starting from $39/device/month. This is also a strength of ConnectPOS compared to its competitors.

UP Solution

UP Solution by P2C is the next gen POS system in Thailand we would recommend to our readers. It is a cloud-based solution for various business operations. The company offers both POS hardware and software (UP Solution) for different business types, most dominantly retailers. With central data management, businesses can gain all the basic eCommerce tools including sales or inventory management, CRM, and online ordering. Besides retail, the system can also be used for service-based businesses, such as restaurants, salons and hospitals. The pricing plans depend on the industry and business size, so pricing will be informed via consultation. For these reasons, Up Solution can be suitable for businesses in different industries looking for a local POS in Thailand.


POS system by Synature Group in Thailand is also a powerful item on our list. Their POS line called proMiSe offers point of sale solutions for a variety of industries, namely retail, spa & beauty, and restaurants. For retailers, Synature provides specialized solutions for shoes/bags/apparels shops. The system focuses on bringing the most powerful inventory management tools for multiple branches. In addition, it also supports the data transmission between branches and headquarters. Therefore, this is a suitable POS in Thailand for businesses with multiple outlets. 

Crazy Web Studio

Crazy Web Studio is originally a web design company. However, they also provide excellent POS solutions for businesses in Thailand. Unlike the previous POS systems, Crazy Web Studio focuses on designing a POS for restaurants. The system supports various restaurant operations, including dining in, delivery or takeaway. It also comes with the must-have POS features including an eCommerce website, promotion management, reports, and table organization. If you are planning to open any inventory-rich business with an online presence, POS by Crazy Web Studio can be a good choice.

Retail HQ

Retail HQ is a POS system available in Thailand with an easy-to-use user interface and powerful point of sale management tools. Retail HQ offers a ready-to-use system as the company will set up the hardware and offer staff training for your store. This is an outstanding feature of Retail HQ that can hardly be found in other POS providers. In essence, Retail HQ offers store management tools, such as staff time tracking, reporting, and advanced role management. Retail HQ is thus recommended for those who want a ready-to-use POS with basic business functions in Thailand.

Wrapping up

We hope that this list of the top POS systems in Thailand can help you decide the most suitable option for your business. 
Being a leading POS provider, ConnectPOS takes pride in its omnichannel features and 24/7 free support. Contact us today if you are interested!

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