Top 5 Providers to Support Offline Mode on POS Systems

Top 5 Providers to Support Offline Mode on POS Systems

When running a retail business, many unforeseen incidents can happen. If you can’t process orders or transactions due to an Internet breakdown while customers are there, you are basically losing sales. Did you know having the right Point of Sale (POS) system can help you resolve that? Read on to find out the best POS systems that support offline mode to resolve this dilemma.

What is an offline mode in POS?

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POS offline mode is a feature that keeps your business sailing smoothly even when the Internet is suddenly down. This means you can continually accept transactions safely and securely during such situations. Following are 5 POS systems that provide robust offline modes for you to choose from.

Top 5 POS systems that support offline mode


ConnectPOS logo

ConnectPOS is one of the world-leading cloud POS systems that allow you to conduct offline purchases conveniently when the Internet is unavailable. In offline mode, ConnectPOS allows merchants to view the products, add them to the cart, search for current customers, and accept payments as usual. All basic functions is ensure to perform well in offline mode, the data is stored locally on the device and is synced with the cloud once an internet connection is established.

Offline mode is crucial for business when operating a tradeshow of popup store where the internet connectivity is unstable.This feature is truly essential for such unexpected occasions. However, with ConnectPOS, sellers can easily switch between online and offline mode based on their needs. When the Internet is reconnected, ConnectPOS immediately turns off offline mode and goes online. Offline data that were saved previously will be updated on the inventory system right away. At the end of the day, business owners still have full reports with an accurate balance in the POS.

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Moreover, with the latest technology of Google that ConnectPOS applies to change the sales page loading mechanism when the transfer speed is sluggish, the data is recovered from the prior cache and then compared to the new data. If something changes, it will be changed immediately. As a result, even on slow 3G connections, users can now view the sales website regularly and rapidly.

Square POS

Square logo

Square POS is a cloud-based POS software that assists you with everything you need to run your retail business. It can work both in online and offline modes, allowing seamless transactions that can be managed by customers and merchants.

With Square’s offline mode in POS, swiped card payments are normally accepted when your Internet is temporarily unavailable. In offline mode with Square terminal, your retail store can accept chip and tap payment when a customer uses cards or online payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay. The default mode for maximum dollar amount that can be accepted in offline mode is $100 but can be changed up to $50.000.

Square Terminal can also capture information when the connectivity is interrupted and processes payment without any verificationOffline transactions are conducted automatically when your device regains connectivity and will expire within 72 hours if not being processed.

Vend POS

Vend logo

Vend is an effortless cloud POS software for businesses of all types and sizes. With Vend, you can connect with clients online, offline, and everywhere in between. That means Vend’s offline mode in POS would save you from a lot of headaches when Internet outrage occurs. offline mode in Vend lets you perform some store tasks such as taking cash payments and searching for products. 

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Vend offline mode works well on iOS, Mac or PC. This single centralized platform allows you to have uninterrupted sales when the internet is down. All data will be sent to you when you’re back online again.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed logo

Lightspeed is a POS and e-commerce software that provides easy-to-use POS solutions for retailers and restaurant owners. This POS system can work in offline mode, even for payments. Once your Internet connection is back, all data is synchronized and you wouldn’t notice any difference.

As Lightspeed was designed to keep rolling in any environment, you can still take order as per normal as well as hold and open orders. For restaurant industry, you can still add orders to tables when in offline mode. This feature in Lightspeed POS for restaurant gain most love among foodtruck services and outside events. 

Erply POS

Erply logo

Erply serves customized POS solutions for different retail business scopes. Erply POS is a full-function cloud-based Point of Sale that works for your store and enables all checkout flows, hardware, offline process and integrated EMV payment options. With Erply’s offline mode, you can continue with basic business functions including making sales, applying discounts, creating receipts, or attributing sales to other cashiers without logging in/out processes. As soon as the Internet is reestablished, Erply will sync the new data to the servers and then ask you to log back in for safety purposes. 

Erply POS can be a useful system for businesses operating in an environment with unstable internet connectivity as it can automatically sync all offline transactions and provide updates to inventory, data and customer information.

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On a final note

An offline mode shouldn’t be your only concern with a POS system, but it surely is a vital one. Having offline mode in POS systems not only helps you avoid unexpected interruptions that can upset customers but also minimize revenue loss. For more information, contact us to experience an offline mode in POS system so you can streamline your operations everywhere!

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