Top 7 Content Management System You Should Consider

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for the content management system (CMS) in the market. You might feel overwhelmed and not sure about which one to choose. Here is a quick overview of the top content management systems you should know and their outstanding features:


top content management system: wordpress

WordPress is an open-source website builder that is used to create content that can be published on the internet, without the need for coding. It is a powerful and most popular CMS platform that allows you to log in to your website and build your web pages (such as adding, modifying, customizing the content, and designing). It is written in PHP and paired with an MYSQL or MariaDB database. Using WordPress, you will be provided with a plugin architecture as well as a template system along with various themes.


top content management system: joomla

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system to publish web content, including text and images. It is the second most popular CMS in the world, just behind WordPress. Joomla has a framework of a model-view-controller web application that can be utilized independently. 

The CMS enables you to create powerful online applications. It also includes web content applications like photo galleries, discussion forums, e-commerce, and user communities. In addition, it involves numerous other web-based applications. 



Drupal is a free content management system that has a large supportive community of users. There are over millions of users as well as organizations across the world that use the CMS to create and maintain their website content. Among them, a big client is The Economist’s web page. Drupal is especially useful for those who can hire a developer, as it allows a lot of customization to handle a big amount of data.



Sitecore is one of the leading and digital experienced software that is mainly used by various organizations around the globe. It provides users with seamless and personalized digital experiences. Sitecore is an integrated platform that is powered by net CMS, as well as advanced digital marketing tools. It calls itself a “CXP (Customer Experience Platform)”.


kentico: top content management system

Kentico is a web content management system (WCMS) that is used to build websites, online stores as well as Web 2.0 community sites. ASP.NET and MS SQL Server are used by Kentico CMS for website development. The websites are built through its Portal Engine that uses Visual Studio, or via Microsoft MVC. In addition to this, an important thing to note is that Kentico is compatible with Microsoft Azure.


cms hub

CMS Hub is nothing but a part of the HubSpot CRM platform that allows you to keep track of your website’s visitors, right from their first visit to purchasing the product or service. It also optimizes the personalized paths for increasing conversion/ sales and close rates.


ghost cms

Ghost is a free open-source platform, which is designed for blogging. It is written in JavaScript and is distributed under the MIT License. An outstanding feature of Ghost is that it is designed for simplifying the process of online publishing, not only for individual bloggers but also for online publications.

All in all, these are some of the leading CMS all over the world. It is advised that you should choose the best content management system based on your specific requirements.

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