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Top 5 BigCommerce Holiday Apps Can Boost Up Your Sales

Holidays seem to be the busiest time of the year for every retailer and the BigCommerce holiday app has become extremely important as a well-functioning assistant. With so much software to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one would be the best to boost your eCommerce business. So, here are the top five apps we recommend using during the festive season.

ConnectPOS: consumers interaction

The bustling joyful holiday will always be accompanied by increased demand for support from customers. They want to know if their favorite item is still available, how the promotion is held and what are the conditions for the discount during the holiday season. So, ConnectPOS is a reasonable choice since it offers fluent 24/7 customer service.

BigCommerce holiday app

Why is it beneficial during the holiday season?

  • Available 24/7 support: The support team, both online and offline, is always ready to provide any solution to the users.
  • Click-and-Collect: Clients have the option of ordering either delivery or self-pickup. There are other options for quick refunds and swaps. 
  • Group discounts: You may establish multiple price plans for different client groups.
  • Discounts and promotions: The BigCommerce backend can apply promotion settings such as Buy X Get Y, Discount each product, Discount the entire basket, etc.

ShipperHQ: BigCommerce holiday app for shipping management

ShipperHQ can handle several complicated logistics with just a few mouse clicks. Also, it offers some basic buy online, pick up in-store capabilities that might be handy.

Why is it beneficial during the holiday season?

  • A BigCommerce holiday app without abandoned carts: Clear shipping expectations will improve the checkout experience. The app can show correct delivery dates that take into account blackout days, cutoff times, lead times, and other factors, exactly like Amazon.
  • Saving time and expenses.
  • Users can create their own shipping rules and requirements.

Klaviyo: marketing through emails

Klaviyo is critical for you to get the most money out of your traffic. The email feature of every BigCommerce holiday app is highly appreciated. Once merchants start using them, it might quickly reach the limitations of their capabilities.

Why is it beneficial during the holiday season?

  • Customized automations: Use splits, filters, A/B testing, and more to target and improve the Trigger Flows.
  • Enhanced segmentation: Define segments with no limitations. 
  • Innovative data science: Predictions for lifetime value, churn risk, gender, best send timing, and tailored product suggestions created automatically.
  • One-click integrations and rapid setup.

Compass: BigCommerce holiday app for analytics 

Compass creates a dashboard in your store admin with a full summary of all your analytics information. Instead of manually tracking metrics in Excel, you can now see all of the information that Compass has generated for you in one dashboard.

Why is it beneficial during the holiday season?

  • Customer Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, Refunds, Customer Acquisition Costs, and other eCommerce data are all available in one dashboard. 
  • All of the basic functions are available for free.

Rewind: security app

Rewind Backups is a BigCommerce holiday app related to information protection.

Why is it beneficial during the holiday season?

Retailers can restore:

  • Pictures, descriptions, blogs, themes, orders, pages, customer lists, and more 
  • A large number of products at once, such as a complete collection or brand
  • The whole BigCommerce store, just the way users want it.


It is obvious that besides built-in features, you still need assistance from BigCommerce holiday apps of the third-parties to take your store to the next level of automation and efficiency. So, call us immediately to have access to many other potential solutions.

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