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Top 6 Valuable BigCommerce Wholesale Apps

There is no doubt that BigCommerce is a great open-source platform for every wholesaler owning online stores. BigCommerce offers wholesalers a variety of helpful features that can support them to smoothen their businesses and increase sales. However, there are certain features that are not provided by default, businesses can consider choosing some BigCommerce wholesale apps to support their eCommerce.


ConnectPOS is considered one of the most feature-rich cloud-based solutions and advanced technology. This system makes the transactions easier for business owners of both physical and digital shops.


Some highlight features of ConnectPOS are:

  • Compatible with both PCs (Windows and MacOS) and cell phones (iOS and Android)
  • Enable 100% real-time inventory synchronization between the POS system and the inventory
  • Allow wholesalers to count and save stock numbers thanks to stocktake features
  • Provide a native mobile app that supports self-checkout right within the app
  • Support different promotion programs


Yotpo is one of the highly recommended BigCommerce wholesale apps that provides businesses with every tool required to gather feedback from previous customers. Wholesalers can utilize those user-generated content for marketing efforts in order to improve conversion and brand trust.


Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Referral Program
  • Third-Party Trends
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Media Monitoring

MinMax Order limits

Wholesalers can use the “MinMax Order Limits” app to set minimum and maximum values for a specific order. 

MinMax Order Limits
MinMax Order Limits

Some highlight features of this app are:

Limits can be set in the following cases:

  • Cart total dollar value
  • The total number of items in a shopping cart
  • The total number of products
  • The number of products in a commodity category
  • Limits depending on the type of consumer, such as wholesale.
  • The total weight of items in the shopping cart

Form builder by POWR

This BigCommerce app makes it simple for businesses to create custom contact forms, quote forms, wholesale forms, etc for retail websites. 

POWR - BigCommerce wholesale app

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Compile a list of file uploads.
  • Create autoresponder addresses.
  • Place forms in a popup or fixed place to get more responses.
  • Show/hide queries, use conditional logic.
  • Divide forms into several sections (or multiple steps).
  • Minimize spam by utilizing captcha
  • Connect to Mailchimp and automatically sync new contacts.
  • Collect responses in real-time.
  • Enable wholesalers to connect to thousands of other time-saving apps.

Bundle B2B

BundleB2B is the B2B eCommerce solution that wholesalers need to advance their online store. This SaaS framework provides advanced B2B features and enables businesses to easily promote B2B operations online, thanks to its seamless integration with the powerful BigCommerce platform. Bundle B2B can also improve the B2B self-service experience for store owners and customers by getting a comprehensive suite of main B2B features.

Bundle B2B - BigCommerce wholesale app
Bundle B2B

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Sales Representative Quoting 
  • Corporate Account Management 
  • Shared Shopping Lists 
  • Order History
  • Purchase Once More
  • Pad for Quick Orders
  • Portal for Invoices
  • Company Address Book Management
  • Approval Process for Wholesale Customers/Trade Professional Application

Quote Ninja

A BigCommerce app that allows you to create professional quotes in just a few clicks. Since being integrated with BigCommerce, this app enables wholesalers to easily build quotes from storefronts.

Quote Ninja - BigCommerce wholesale app
Quote Ninja

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Fully integrated with BigCommerce
  • Easily convert a quote to an orde
  • Support Multi-users
  • Track the status of your quotes
  • Detail history and restore features.
  • Support  Advanced Product Types and Price Lists
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Final Thought,

Despite various available add-on features provided by BigCommerce, wholesalers should consider utilizing some other apps in order to better manage the sales processes, increase orders and as a result, boost sales revenue.

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