Top Integrations You Need For Your NetSuite Ecosystem

NetSuite is a widely recognized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that provides companies with the applications to prepare for growth. However, sometimes businesses still look for additional integrations to have all the tools needed within one system. A report shows that 68% of end-users choose NetSuite for the ability to integrate their CRM and ERP tools for one single cloud package. Here are some of the must-have integration (such as a POS or marketing system) for your NetSuite ecosystem.


connectpos - NetSuite POS integration

ECommerce is the first type of NetSuite integration that we would recommend to merchants. With the increasing demand for online shopping, eCommerce has become an effective way to boost sales and gain more clients. Until present days, customers are also looking for an omnichannel shopping experience, which allows them to buy online and pick up in store. As a leading NetSuite POS integration, ConnectPOS is a powerful integration that can help you to do so. 

A smooth NetSuite POS integration can help your store manage different selling points within a single data system. ConnectPOS offers real-time synchronization that helps you stay up-to-date about the order and inventory levels. In addition, secure staff management allows you to set up permissions for each staff to ensure the privacy of sensitive data.

Integrating NetSuite with ConnectPOS will streamline your company’s business processes. It adds to the ERP system the specialized tools to control your selling activities. This is beneficial for those who look for a more advanced point of sale solution than built-in NetSuite POS.



If you do not need a NetSuite POS integration, you may want to consider Salesforce, a CRM system that helps managing sales, marketing, and customer service within one platform. It offers information about your customers and keeps track of the sales processes.

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Integrating Salesforce’s solution with the ERP system is a great combination because Salesforce does not have the accounting and financial features that NetSuite has. Right in your NetSuite dashboard, you can check sales information or assign leads. With these functionalities, your company business can operate more smoothly across departments and optimize efficiency.


hubspot - NetSuite POS or marketing integration

In addition to the Netsuite POS integration, the next item on our list is HubSpot, which is a marketing, sales, and service software provider. This is another useful tool to complete your business operations. Companies can have a powerful internal system, but find it hard to reach audiences due to the lack of efficient marketing tools.

HubSpot can run marketing campaigns, host blogs, landing pages, as well as analyze and track leads. The most useful thing to consider is that, it automatically syncs your sales and marketing systems. As a result, you can simplify your workflow and come up with suitable marketing plans.



Celigo is an Integration Platform (iPaas), or an automation system that operates across your front and back offices. For your information, Celigo has two dozen connectors, more than 50 templates and 70 app assistants available for NetSuite. As a result, your system will be deployed and maintained, and you can minimize the technical resources you have to use. 

Celigo has a focus on NetSuite, so integrating it with your NetSuite ecosystem is a great pair after all.


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You can definitely make the best use of NetSuite if knowing which integration to apply. We hope that this blog has provided useful information about the best NetSuite integration for your better consideration. 

This article is brought to you by ConnectPOS, a NetSuite POS integration. Contact us if you are interested in our features!

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