What Is A Kiosk POS System

What Is A Kiosk POS System?

Retail kiosks are a popular storefront alternative for merchants looking for a temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas. To remain efficient and profitable, your business will need a decent kiosk POS (Point of Sale) system. If implemented correctly, a self-service kiosk solution can remarkably improve customer service, enhance business performance, and overall, increase sales.

In today’s article, we’ll give you an overview of kiosk POS systems and how your business can benefit from them.

What is a kiosk POS?

A kiosk POS system enables shoppers to make purchases in-store without the need for any store staff. The kiosk POS may be in the form of a touchscreen display in a fixed location or a handy tablet to carry with. This allows customers to experience totally contactless and frictionless service. As a result, shoppers can enjoy the opportunity to shop with no waiting and no delay.

kiosk POS
Kiosk POS

How can a kiosk POS benefit your store?

The use of a kiosk POS has become more common than ever across the globe. Below are some of the advantages that a retailer can benefit from using self-service solutions:

  • Deliver faster service and reduce customer wait times
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Keep track of customer data and loyalty enrollment easily
  • Increase targeted upselling
  • Assist staff during busy hours

Features to look for in a kiosk POS



A secure and intuitive interface is essential when implementing a kiosk POS system. Though almost everyone is familiar with self-service kiosks in restaurants and other retail establishments, the kiosks must be user-friendly to customers with little or no tech experience.



Using a kiosk POS solution helps limit your liability because transactions are encrypted and card data will not be stored on the device. This minimizes the risk of a security breach and makes it easier to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS. Furthermore, retailers, especially businesses with higher-profile clients and customers, could rest assured that their data is safe and password-protected.

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For example, ShopKeep is a secure self-service POS system for retailers with its cloud-based nature. As an iPad POS, ShopKeep relies on the iOS operating system and provides synchronously automatic security updates on all mobile devices.

Payment possibilities

Shoppers want flexibility in their payment options. Mobile technology in retail supports traditional transactions in cash, with credit/debit cards, gift cards, loyalty points, etc. NFC-enabled POS devices also enable shoppers to use smartphones to pay for purchases, supporting mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Payment possibilities

Order customization

Tailoring orders to suit personal preferences will add a great sense of value to your customers, keeping them coming back again and again. Take the restaurant as an example, whether the customer wants to add or remove toppings, upgrade their drink or go for a light, healthier version of dishes, they can easily make those adjustments within a few clicks.

Order customization


Self-checkout is making changes to the checkout experience with the promise of reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. Customers will be able to check out from anywhere within the store using a kiosk POS system. A faster checkout process will result in happier customers with increasing satisfaction.


To sum up

Whether you are getting started with your business or looking for a way to improve your shopping experience, go for the right kiosk POS solution that meets the expectations of your customers. 

If you are looking for a system that can run smoothly on multiple devices, have a look at our ConnectPOS, a POS solution that offers advanced technology and 24/7 support. Besides the cloud-based nature, ConnectPOS’s Magento Progressive Web App (PWA) is capable of creating a seamless shopping experience for your in-store shoppers.

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