What Is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

With the current developments of the internet and eCommerce, the mobile-first mindset is here to stay. Mobile-only internet usage has surpassed desktop mobile usage globally. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) delivers a reliable, yet fast web experience. 

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was launched by Google, which is an open-source project to ensure and provide mobile webpages to operate at lightning speed.

AMP aims to create the future of the web, by allowing you to create web pages and ads that are progressively fast, beautiful and high-performing, across different devices as well as several distribution platforms.

Accelerated mobile pages

Benefits of AMP

Engages users

When a user enters an AMP page, they get what they are looking for instantly. 

Increases the revenue

If you want every user to get engaged and increase your ROI, you need to ensure that the mobile page’s loading speed meets your user’s expectations.

Maintain flexibility and control

You can retain your own brand while still taking advantage of AMP, optimized web components.

Reduces complexity

Creating AMP pages is easy and straightforward, which can be done without special skill. 

Builds a sustainable future

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AMP project builds the future of the web by delivering a better mobile user experience.

Boosts SEO

This is because it takes speed and mobile responsiveness into account.

Needs no google analytics tracking

Google Analytics doesn’t track entries from users, unless you make configurations with Google Analytics, and apply separate tracking codes to your AMP pages.

How Does AMP Work?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages framework was mainly created to optimize user experience, instead of clunky and slow mobile experiences on a daily basis. The median time it takes to load an AMP page from Google search is now less than half a second.

Chartbeat had analyzed data from 360 websites using AMP from pages and saw 16% of all mobile traffic on their AMP content. So what is AMP made up of?

Three Core Components Of Accelerated Mobile Pages 


These are typical HTML but with some restrictions for reliable performance. It has some custom tags called AMP HTML. AMP pages are discovered by search engines by HTML tag.

AMP JavaScript

This ensures the fast rendering of AMP HTML pages. It implements inline CSS and font triggering, which manages resource loading to render a fast page.

AMP Cache

It is used to serve cached AMP HTML. The cache fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and automatically improves page performance.

These three components of AMP work together to make it possible to load pages quickly.

How Can AMP Be Implemented In Your Business And Websites?

  • Significantly increases the volume of organic search traffic efficiently. 
  • Increases engagement and conversions for quicker, and improved mobile experiences.
  • Reduces the load on your server due to AMP caches.
  • Provides a chance for your content to be featured prominently in the AMP carousel on mobile search results.
  • Generates revenue and sales, via ads, blogs and websites, serving as a platform to make legitimate places for business.
improved Accelerated mobile pages

Impact of web page speed on bounce rate

Speed is the essential factor while measuring bounce rate for mobile web pages. According to the data, most retail mobile sites take around 6.9 seconds to load

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A faster full-page load leads to a lower bounce rate. To ensure that your web page has a faster full-page load time, you should adjust the images, fonts and avoid many third-party files.

user experience

Page load time is one of the main reasons for page bounce. About 61% of users never return to the mobile site when they have trouble opening it. This means, if it doesn’t load fast enough, users will bounce and won’t come back. To rectify this, it’s important to AMP-lify your mobile websites and post-click landing pages, and take Accelerated Mobile Pages into consideration.

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