Everything You Need To Know About Click And Collect

Click and collect is an excellent method to expand your eCommerce business and provide a more efficient service to your clients. Buyers can buy online and pick up their orders anywhere and whenever they choose thanks to this delivery technique. If you are currently interested in this method, this blog will provide an extensive answer to the question “What is click and collect?”.

What is click and collect?

In short, click and collect is a way of providing retail service, which allows customers to ‘click’ and buy online, then ‘collect’ their things at a store or warehouse instead of having them delivered.

Curbside pickup is another version of click and collect. This is a type of contactless pickup that doesn’t need consumers to leave their vehicle, and it’s quite popular in the United States. The online orders are placed in the trunk or passed via the window.

what is click and collect

Most of the time, click and collect has 3 steps:

  • A consumer purchases your items online via a website, ordering page, or app, and chooses pickup as an option.
  • After paying for the transaction online, the customer should get an order confirmation with collection information. The specifics of the order are given to the company, which prepares the item for pickup.
  • The consumer visits the pickup site and picks up the items in person, generally with confirmation of order.

Benefits of click and collect

Suitable for business with limited staff members

If you’re short on budget, click and collect is a suitable choice. Click and collect can be a wonderful alternative to the comparatively high expenses of maintaining a delivery service. This is particularly beneficial for smaller firms with restricted staff numbers. This creates a win-win situation for both retailers and customers. On the one hand, retail companies can save resources. On the other hand, customers no longer have to pay delivery fees, which can sometimes be costly.

Avoid overcrowding in-store

Click and collect provides customers with a convenient online shopping experience – so they don’t have to come to the store and wait in long queues. Now, with increased health and safety concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, this model also provides a method to avoid shopping in overcrowded places. 

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An excellent example of a retailer doing well in this aspect is Starbucks. With its Mobile Order & Pay technology, Starbucks has one of the most effective click and collect options available. Customers may put their drinks orders ahead of time and be given time to come into the store to pick them up. In this way, the consumer may skip the line and have their drink right away.

what is click and collect - starbucks

Let customers save more money and time

In fact, customers can save money by using this method. According to research, nearly half of online buyers utilize click and collect to save shipping expenses. Interestingly, around 45% use it to save time by avoiding in-store shopping. 

Moreover, shopping online can sometimes be more economical thanks to exclusive discounts. Many eCommerce sites nowadays are encouraging online sales by giving discounts for online purchases. In this way, customers can save even more money in addition to eliminating shipping costs. This technique in the long run can increase customer satisfaction, and in turn, increase revenue.

How to operate ‘click and collect’ in your store?

Determine the pick-up location and hours

Before allowing click and collect, retailers should determine the pick-up location and hours. Make it clear from the start how you intend to run this service. It is important to define the important aspects and deadlines that your team must adhere to in order to deliver the best possible customer service.

pick up location

Generate a pick-up instruction

It would be necessary to make a detailed map of your whole click and collect excursion. You can use the following questions as a guide: 

  • When an order is placed, how long does it take for it to be ready for pickup? Who will be in charge of preparing the order?
  • When the order is ready, how will the client be notified? What kind of contact information will they have to give you?
  • Will the order be maintained in which section of the store? Will customers be able to pick it up at the curb?
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Customers should be clear about how the whole click and collect process works. Most of the time, this process is quite similar from store to store: customers placing an order – store preparing items – customers coming to the store to pick up. However, we would like to stress that you can always be creative in mapping out the instructions that are customized for your store.

Let’s take the example of Zara, a Spanish fashion retailer. It is among a lot of merchants experimenting with using robotics to improve the click and collect experience.

Customers can skip the usual customer service waiting line and receive their click and collec order, by using automated collection terminals located in shops. Customers just have to input a confirmation number or scan their QR code after placing their order online. The order is subsequently retrieved from behind the scenes and delivered to the consumer by a robot. It’s a simple yet effective solution, which also allows workers to focus on other responsibilities.

what is click and collect zara

Use an omnichannel POS system

Many businesses nowadays are using point of sale systems to make the click and collect process easier for them. Point of sale is a technology that provides retailers with a unified system. This system supports them in multiple business processes, such as sales, inventory control, or reporting. 

Having an omnichannel POS can help retail businesses leverage the click and collect service. A leading omnichannel POS provider on the market, ConnectPOS, can be a good example. With ConnectPOS, brands can set up their pick-up location. After they’ve made the arrangements, staff can click ‘Allow click and collect,’ and the clients will be able to select which location is most convenient for them. Quick, easy, and high in accuracy – they are the perfect combination for a modern retail shop.

Wrapping up

Having click and collect as a shopping option is an excellent way to provide customers with a less expensive alternative to home delivery. It provides a more personal touch and encourages spending with local businesses. But, more importantly, as a solution for enterprises facing additional lockdowns, it might be the greatest option to keep your business running. 

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Therefore, whether you want to provide click and collect alongside other delivery alternatives or just want to learn more about how it may help your company overcome coronavirus constraints, now is the perfect time to learn more. If you think ConnectPOS could be a perfect companion in this journey, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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