What is Shopify POS: Features and Pricing

Shopify is one of the most popular modern eCommerce platforms trusted by enterprises today. With many features and support solutions, it has made doing business easier and more convenient, especially its point-of-sale software. In this article, we would like to find the answer to two main questions, what is Shopify POS and how much does Shopify POS cost?

What is Shopify POS? 

First of all, let’s analyze what Shopify POS is. Shopify POS refers to software, an application that Shopify provides to eCommerce retailers or brands. Users use it for direct sales and can sell almost anywhere, including physical stores, markets, and other specialized stores. Shopify POS syncs with the Shopify platform, bringing a variety of features to organizations and retailers such as order tracking, inventory control, and management of online stores and other active sales channels. It is one of the leading cloud-based POS systems that offer full business support.

To use Shopify POS, you must purchase and set up an account. You can then download the Shopify POS app available for both iOS and Android devices and start customizing your system. 

Pros and Cons of Shopify POS

After having found the answer to the question: “what is Shopify POS”, understanding its pros and cons is also important for users. 

This system’s first advantage is many features for multichannel selling, making it easy for businesses to move to the omnichannel approach. Users can easily customize the look and feel of the app, check in with customers on the go, offer customized discounts, and send digital receipts even when not in-store. Besides, adding and classifying product quantities, tracking inventory and synchronizing orders between sales locations are also done in the simplest and fastest way. Marketing methods and reports will be suggested to suit the business situation of the organization. Not only that, Shopify POS also supports integrated payment processing and is easy to use. All Shopify plans have integrated access to Shopify Payments and are compatible with the Shopify POS system. This solution, moreover, is user-friendly and accessible to even new business owners. It has a modern and intuitive interface and can be set up quickly and easily.

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One drawback that this Shopify solution suffers from is its greater focus on eCommerce retail. This system is generally better suited for e-retailers and may not be attractive, useful or cost-effective for some brick-and-mortar retailers. In particular, it doesn’t offer many features designed for restaurants or food service businesses.

How much does Shopify POS cost?

The question that enterprises are more interested in than “what is Shopify POS” is “how much does Shopify POS cost”. In fact, software and hardware will play an important role in the total cost of Shopify POS.

Shopify POS software prices are service plans that include basic or advanced features that business users choose. The most basic plan is Shopify POS Lite, which comes with all Shopify eCommerce features and retailers don’t have to pay extra for using this version of POS. Besides, for eCommerce use, the cheapest plan offered by the provider is $29 for Shopify Basic. Larger businesses need to select service packages that offer more features.

Regarding the cost of Shopify POS hardware, firms can optionally use it with existing devices such as smartphones or tablets. Other hardware such as card readers, cash drawers, receipt printers or barcode scanners, and printers for receipts and labels can all be purchased from Shopify at its website with a good warranty policy.


Understanding what is Shopify POS and how much it costs will help firms to choose the right plan for their business model. Taking advantage of the features it offers will help users gain many significant benefits. Contact us if you are in need of a POS system that can support your store management tasks.

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