ERP POS integration

Why You Need To Adopt An ERP POS Integration?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Point-of-sale (POS) are the two most popular technology solutions in the modern retail industry thanks to many of their impressive features and advantages to today’s retailers. At first, these two systems appear to be totally different from each other. Yet, the ERP-POS integration may surprise you with its huge benefits.

The idea of ERP POS integration 

Simply put, an ERP takes the responsibility to monitor every business resource such as finance, accounting, purchasing, and human resources management and also the status of business commitments. What an ERP can do is to make your organization run smoothly and effectively.

On the other hand, the POS system is under the duty to ensure streamlined sales and inventory management processes, monitor sales transactions, and offer a seamless customer experience. A POS system consists of two major components: POS hardware and software. POS terminals are used for processing payments at brick-and-mortar stores. POS software is designed to discard possible issues during the retail process and close the gaps between online and offline shopping.

Both of these solutions are able to integrate with other systems to optimize your business and make the most of your profit. Let’s see what you will get after integrating your ERP and POS system together in your stores.

ERP POS system integration
ERP POS system integration

Benefits of ERP-POS integration

Data integrity

All data from two different aspects of your business will be synchronized in one centralized system, which makes it easier to further analyze the performance of your organization. Besides, you can remove the worry of being overwhelmed by a huge amount of data scattering in different systems.

In-depth understanding of your business status

Both POS and ERP are able to generate insightful reports on particular aspects of your business. To illustrate, the POS system will automatically gather data related to sales orders and transactions from all store and warehouse locations. The system will constantly update your data in real-time even in Offline Mode. Then, the ERP system will organize and analyze that data to bring you valuable insights into your business.

More accurate forecasting

ERP-POS integration enables you to get overall visibility of every sales and operation activity including sales, stock, inventory and capital budget. As a result, you can timely come up with better decisions to reduce waste and increase productivity.

Customer satisfaction enhancement

The integration of two robust POS and ERP systems enables you to provide customers with more shopping options. For example, with ERP POS integration you can develop and transform your brick-and-mortar business model into click-and-mortar thanks to the ability to synchronize all data across your system at real-time. This business model enables customers to make orders online and complete their transactions in person. Moreover, with constantly updated customer information, your retail can keep up with customers constantly changing requirements and stick to emerging shopping trends.

Netsuite and ConnectPOS – A perfect combination 

Oracle Netsuite is one of the most outstanding SaaS ERP providers in the market worldwide. The cloud-based ERP system developed by Netsuite supports retailers to vigorously grow their business by delivering them real-time insights, flawless processes, and a 360-degree view of business performance.

Being the only POS that connects your NetSuite with eCommerce platforms, ConnectPOS has many powerful features for your business. This solution allows you to closely monitor all sales and inventory processes every online and offline. ConnectPOS greatly supports omnichannel retail business models thanks to its ability to streamline the shopping experience and transaction process. With ConnectPOS, retailers can also timely analyze emerging trends among customers and create special programs to build customer loyalty.

The combination of these two robust ERP and POS systems will make them even more powerful, which enables retailers to stay competitive and thrive in their market. 

Netsuite and ConnectPOS system integration

If you are looking for a reliable ERP system for your retail stores, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the robust Oracle Netsuite. And if you need a POS solution for your ERP system, ConnectPOS is definitely what you need. For further information about this amazing integration, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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