5 Tips To Choose The Best WooCommerce POS

If you have a WooCommerce site, you can use a WooCommerce POS plugin to synchronize all of the data related to sales and stock calculation. But are you wondering how to choose it, especially when you’re new to POS? The diversity of the POS market can make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, because in this blog we will give you 5 tips about how to choose the best WooCommerce POS.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is free application software that assists you in building an online store. Furthermore, it is hosted by the open-source WordPress software, which is the most widely used platform for creating websites.

WooCommerce is easy to expand, allowing you to personalize your site to fit your needs. As a result, you can receive a safe and practical solution to establish a business.

best woocommerce pos

How to choose the best WooCommerce POS?

Now that you have a better understanding of WooCommerce, here are the tips to choose the best WooCommerce POS plugins:

Know your business

You will not find a solution if you are unable to identify the exact problems. Therefore, it is important to understand your shortcomings and set criteria for the POS functions you need. Take an example of when your business is having issues with the inventory system. It is best to find a POS with powerful inventory tools, such as stocktake or inventory analytics. If you want to go omnichannel? Then look for a WooCommerce POS with omnichannel features such as click and collect

Define your budget

You need a system that suits your budget for various reasons. Retail POS software pricing and billing systems may differ among different providers. Some POS services require a monthly subscription fee, which can range from $29 to well over $500. Other companies take a portion of your sales, and some POS software companies do both.

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In many cases, WooCommerce POS prices also depend on the number of staff and registers you have. For this reason, we would advise you to define the budget and scale of your business in the first place. It can make your search process easier.


Consider the POS integration

When looking for the best WooCommerce POS, it is also useful to consider the compatibility of the POS with your current WooCommerce sites. Be aware that some POS solutions might limit you to use something within their service. Therefore, it can be essential to look at POS systems that work well with third-party apps. Some examples are ConnectPOS, Lightspeed, or Vend. 

Look for possibilities for support

It’s beneficial to have customer support service, regardless of how technically skilled you are. Look for a POS solution that offers 24/7 support, whether you’re having problems or need assistance setting up the system. Many POS nowadays provide these types of support via phone, chat, or email.

best woocommerce pos - customer support

Start a free trial

If the POS you are interested in offers a free trial, don’t hesitate to give it a try! It is a useful way to have a better view of that WooCommerce POS. This is also how you will check their user interface and navigation. Don’t worry, because if you are not satisfied with the experience, you can cancel the trial and start looking for another POS.

Wrapping up

One of the most essential investments you can make is in a point-of-sale system. Before committing to a single solution, make sure to think about all aspects of your organization.

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If you want assistance, we can offer a POS system that is tailored to your unique requirements. ConnectPOS is a WooCommerce POS specializing in providing a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. Don’t hesitate to tell us your plan if you are interested!

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