Powerful Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

If the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your business negatively, we want you to know that there’s still hope! The holiday season is the perfect time to get you back on track. Let’s walk through the following holiday marketing tips to increase your sales and hit year-end targets. It’s not something you can do overnight, but it requires a great strategy to succeed. 

5 Holiday marketing tips to drive more sales 

Here comes the best marketing tips that help you to plan out and proceed with your holiday promotions for a revenue boost. 

Tell people to be Covid conscious during the holiday

It’s important to let all your customers know how Covid-secure your business. Doing this ensures shopping to be 100% safe for them. Here’s how to fuel your customer’s confidence:

  • Drive people to make cashless payments to dodge physical contacts.
  • Take advantage of contactless delivery and put the items at shoppers’ doorstep.
  • Add item filters that let customers sort out products based on their safety.
    For example, an Indian food delivery business offers a filter showing only restaurants and food stalls that are safe for online users to order from.
  • Offer gift cards to guarantee that your customers will be back to your business in the future.
  • As your physical store gets closed, notify them on social media channels, like through email and your website. 
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Offer omnichannel experience 

Omnichannel customer experience as a holiday marketing idea to boost sales

Providing omnichannel marketing would mean giving the shoppers a consistent experience across different channels. In other words, no matter if they’re in-store, on social media, reading an email online, or using a mobile phone, they have access to your products, offers, and support services. 

To do that, a POS system is exactly what you need to reach out to new limits in the retail industry. Even when you’re a small retailer that can’t afford to spend much money on marketing, it’s still possible to offer a satisfying buying experience to the shoppers.

For example, some big brands like Nike Jorgan or Lane Bryant would use AI-powered assistants as their omnichannel strategy on social channels like Facebook Messenger or SMS to interact with customers to recommend some good options for them. 

Introduce best-selling holiday-related products 

Nike Jordan’s holiday marketing on Facebook Messenger

The top-selling holiday-related items of a store are always the shoppers’ favorite. They will purchase them several times of the year as long as you know how to expose them to the visitors. In some cases, they probably check these products once but then buy them as well.

By displaying these products often, you’ll have a higher chance to attract more shoppers to your brand and increase holiday sales. Go to show your best-selling items in the web page’s footer, landing pages, or through emails. 

For example, Amazon focuses on showing its best-sellers on the product categories to grab shoppers’ attention for sales and profit gain. 

Shoot a video for the holiday campaign

Add holiday campaign video 

You can include holiday-specific messaging in footage to make customers feel like being a part of the campaign. Do not forget to use YouTube or Instagram to advertise your products and promotions in the most visual way.  

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Most social video ads with holiday-themed content can generate a 58% higher engagement rate during this season. Also, you should convey specific content for various shopping days such as Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Day.  

For example, Oreo did an excellent job of offering its followers brief, humorous, and charming brand videos on Instagram to build customer loyalty and promote its limited edition products.

Offer discounts and spread them through hashtags

Everyone likes to follow trends and is willing to get their hands on any product people are discussing. If you plan to offer some discounts, then spread the word about these big sales or holiday promotions on different channels. 

It’s best to use the hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram to drive more people to this campaign. Besides, you can offer the users free shipping and cashback for first-time buyers. 

For example, Domino’s Pizza UK allowed people to tweet with #LetsDoLunch to earn an instant discount on their Tuesday pizza order.

Wrapping Up 

The holiday season makes people go crazy, and it makes them buy things without thinking much. For this reason, take the above holiday marketing ideas to help your business harvest the rewards you deserve!

Contact us if you want more must-try marketing tactics to boost holiday sales!

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