5 Top POS Inventory To Manage Your Retail Business

In the early days, people used cash registers to monitor their inventory. However, with advancements in technology, you can now digitally keep track of your inventory. With dozens of POS (point-of-sale) options on the market, businesses find it hard to select the best one. In this article, we will give our opinion on the best POS inventory systems in the market.


pos inventoy: connectpos

ConnectPOS is one of the leading cloud-based POS systems for small and big businesses that supports an omnichannel experience. With ConnectPOS, you can access real-time synchronized inventory. This means that the data between your online and physical store is constantly updated and monitored in real-time. You can easily generate and download consolidated reports to analyze your business’s performance.

ConnectPOS offers you flexible straightforward plans with some fees. Each plan has different features.

  • Standard for $39 per month
  • Advanced for $69 per month
  • Premium for $89 per month



Lightspeed is one of the best iPad capability all-in-one POS systems for management of your small business’s inventory management. With this inventory, you can sell in bundles and manage multiple product variations. You can also track unit costs, create alerts for items low in stock, and even sell out-of-stock items that you will fulfill when your stock arrives. For your customers, you can set up a profile for their purchase history, and segment them into different categories.

Lightspeed offers five different plans depending on the size of your operation; basic, starter, standard, advanced and pro.


pos inventory: vend

Vend is among the best cloud-based POS with a design suited for businesses with multiple brick-and-mortar stores. It has cross-platform consistency. The POS front end looks the same whether you are on Mac, iPad, or PC.

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This POS comes with built-in loyalty programs, store credit, offline processing, and easy product catalog management. Vend integrates with multiple payment processors allowing your customers to shop at the lowest rates.


pos inventory: shopkeep

Shopkeep is one of the simplest iPad-only POS systems solutions for small retailers. It is designed to accelerate the checkout process, and automate monotonous business tasks.

With Shopkeep, you can keep track of your store inventory without any limit on the number of items managed and generate reports. You will also get alerts on best-selling items and real-time stock alerts. 

Shopkeep offers three different plans, each with a set of different features.

  • Basic $49 per month
  • Essential  $79 per month
  • Advanced $179 per month



Square is one of the most common and well-organized POS systems available in the market for small businesses. With square POS inventory, you will get real-time analytics and reporting. You can view, manage, track, edit, and update your inventory with ease. Moreover, this POS also allows you to create and manage your customers’ profiles on one dashboard.

Square offers three plans for you to pay the processing fees for transactions. You do not need third-party integrations to process payments. 


Having the right POS inventory is crucial to the success of your retail business. In a world driven by technology, you should choose a POS that adapts to new technology, easy to manage inventory, and gives you analytics at a price point suitable to your business.

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ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider that comes with various functions for your business, including inventory management. Contact us if you have any questions.

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