Top 7 BigCommerce Omnichannel Apps

BigCommerce is gradually becoming one of the popular e-commerce for small businesses to sell products online. With no transaction fees and several features available at a reasonable price, every retailer is considering BigCommerce. Are you operating or planning to open a business, but unsure which omnichannel app to choose? In this article, we will give you a list of top BigCommerce omnichannel app options for your consideration.


Shipper HQ - BigCommerce omnichannel app

ShipperHQ is the best solution when it comes to shipping rates and delivery options. With this app, your shipping strategy is based on real-world business logic. You can configure shipping rules, discounts, promotions and surcharges, depending on any given checkout scenario. This app helps you align the check-out experience to the specific products and types of customers.

To sum up, ShipperHQ gives your buyers fast, innovative, and convenient delivery options.



ConnectPOS is one of the best omnichannel BigCommerce POS that will give you and your customers a seamless omnichannel experience. With this BigCommerce omnichannel app, your customers can make purchases and check out by themselves, or buy online and pick up in-store (click-and-collect). Furthermore, ConnectPOS supports one product database, making it easy to search products either by barcode, name or ID. One customer of ConnectPOS has witnessed a 200% faster in order entry time after integrating ConnectPOS.

LiveChat + Customer Insight

LiveChat bigcommerce omnichannel app

Customers often prefer immediate support when they’re facing troubles with their purchases. LiveChat widget allows BigCommerce retailers to engage customers’ queries instantly as they come in. Besides, you can also use the widget as a contact form for offline messages.

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The Customer Insight app for BigCommerce allows you to view the customer’s cart in the chat app without clicking through the tabs. This allows you to recognize your customer’s context immediately and answer the questions faster.



Omnisend is the next BigCommerce omnichannel app you can use to become a top-tier omnichannel marketer. This app streamlines nearly every aspect of omnichannel marketing.

Omnisend is compatible with almost all marketing channels. Besides, it allows you to automate and customize workflows, making it easy for you to configure complex automation sequences across several channels. With this BigCommerce app, you can also customizable signup forms, 24/7 email support, and live chat.

Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo bigcommerce omnichannel app

Positive product reviews can boost conversations and persuade new customers to buy your products. Yopto is a BigCommerce omnichannel app that makes it easy for your business to generate more reviews on your products. With Yotpo, your customers do not need to visit your website to make a review. Instead, Yotpo’s form is embedded within the optimized email, where recipients can write and submit the review without leaving the email message.



Fast is a free BigCommerce app that helps to increase the conversion of customers with a secure one-click checkout experience. After purchases, Fast gives your customers access to a one-stop dashboard where they can view transactions, track deliveries, and re-order with one click. With this app, people can skip the burden of creating accounts, remembering passwords, or filling out forms.

Printout Designer 

Printout Designer

Printout Designer is among the best tools for creating professional-looking notifications for your retail store. Through this app, you can automatically generate or customize invoices, packing slips, and labels. Moreover, with a drag and editor app, you can easily email them to your customers in a couple of seconds.


BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform, and it depends on your business’ needs to choose an appropriate omnichannel app. We hope that this article can help you to have an overview of what is available on BigCommerce, thus moving one step closer to providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

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ConnectPOS is a BigCommerce point-of-sale system with various omnichannel features. Contact us if you have any questions.

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