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6 Interesting Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is the second most popular social platform behind Facebook. According to Statistic, this platform has reported over 120 million active users worldwide. They have predicted that by 2024, there would be approximately 12 billion Instagram accounts created.

The popularity of Instagram makes it a promising platform for retail businesses to promote their products and gain more sales. Yet, when the number of businesses that make use of this platform increases, businesses may need some Instagram marketing tips to stand out from the market.

Create an attractive business profile 

Certainly, you will need to have an Instagram account in advance of running any marketing strategy on this platform. An effective business Instagram account will help you to attract visitors who are interested in your content and engage with your stores. Furthermore, once you create a business account on Instagram, there will be several Instagram useful features that can facilitate and enhance your marketing efforts.

Determine your Instagram target audience

Target audience is always a key factor to create an effective marketing strategy. It is essential to bear in mind that you will have to pay for Instagram to launch your marketing campaign. So make sure that your products can reach the right customer segment with a high conversion rate.

Optimize marketing tools on Instagram

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has provided a wide variety of features in order to encourage businesses to launch marketing strategies here. Take Instagram analytics as an example. This feature enables you to gain insight into your strategies such as your profile views, website clicks, impressions, reach, etc. All this data later on can be used to produce an overview on your target market and update the latest shopping trends among customers.

Optimize Instagram marketing tools
Optimize Instagram marketing tools

Invest in Influencer marketing

One of the most effective marketing methods on Instagram is cooperating with influencers. You can ask Instagram influencers for introducing your products on their wall in order to raise public awareness of your brand. This method also creates trust among your potential since your products are recommended by a famous influencer. 

Have a unique hashtag

You can also consider creating a hashtag for your brands and encourage Instagram users to use the hashtag to receive special gifts. By adopting this method, you can not only raise awareness of your brand but also gain high engagement. 

Moreover, when using the hashtags, people may feel a closer connection with your brand as well as your products. In other words, you can strengthen customer relationships and create trust among potential customers.

Use shopping post

This is another powerful feature developed by Instagram. Retail can take loads of advantages when using Instagram shopping posts on the feed. In these posts, there will be a product image as well as detailed information along with prices. By using these posts, retailers can make it much easier for customers to shop for products in the posts.

Use Instagram shopping posts


As mentioned above, Instagram is a modern and powerful tool for marketers to optimize their marketing strategies and attract customers. Thanks to its huge number of users, your business will be able to significantly raise awareness of your products. And by applying these Instagram marketing tips, we hope that you can easily convert a huge number of customers. If you have any further questions about eCommerce and retail industry, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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