Everything You Should Know About Dropshipping

Inventory management always plays a crucial role in every retail business. Traditionally, retail owners have to pour a considerable amount of money on building warehouses as well as other equipment to store and preserve products. However, nowadays, there are many different inventory methods developed to support retailers enhance their ability to manage inventory at a reasonable cost. Dropshipping is one of those new and cost-effective ideas in terms of inventory management. Yet, not every business has fully understood how this method supports your retail stores. Let’s discuss this topic further in today’s article.

The idea of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a new order fulfilment method that shed the burden of retailers on handling inventory management. To be more specific, with the dropshipping model, once the retail stores receive new orders, all order information will be sent directly to suppliers. Then, the suppliers will fulfil the orders and ship them from suppliers’ warehouses. 

As you can see, retailers can cut down their capital investment, instead they will purchase inventory as needed from a third-party for each order. 

Dropshipping model
Dropshipping model

Advantages of dropshipping

The major advantages of drop shipping is that retail businesses can solve their financial problems to handle a standard inventory process including maintaining a storage facility or shipping products to customers.

Moreover, dropshipping enables retailers to fulfil orders from everywhere regardless of their store locations in a timely manner. The reason is that retailers can choose to connect with different suppliers from different regions and create a large retail network. 

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Also, when adopting dropshipping, retailers are able to fully focus on gaining more sales and enhance customers services and third parties will support them to complete the process.

Disadvantages of dropshipping

Although dropshipping can solve the problems in terms of capital investment, retail owners still have to pay for inventory services from third parties. The fee for these services reduce the total sales revenue that the business receives. 

Moreover, rarely do a retail business only connect with one single wholesaler. Yet, when there are more parties involved, the retail process will become highly complicated. As a result, if retailers can not closely monitor their business, they may encounter a series of inventory issues that can break the whole retail process. 

Dropshipping disadvantages
Dropshipping disadvantages

Tips to effectively start dropshipping

Choose a suitable market

It is important to bear in mind that the dropshipping method can only apply for some particular groups of inventory. So, retailers should carefully consider picking a niche that can go well with dropshipping, for example, high maintenance products.

Cooperate with reliable suppliers

Adopting dropshipping means that retailers have to closely work with suppliers not only in terms of product quality but also order fulfilment. If suppliers can not guarantee any of these two crucial factors, they may cause negative impacts on business reputation and customer services.

Focus on attracting new orders

Dropshipping enables retail businesses to have third parties take care of the inventory process and allocate their entire time and money budget on gaining sales. In order to promote business and attract more customers, it is essential that retailers can engage with people at multiple touchpoints. 

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In the modern day, developing an omnichannel business is a popular business model that facilitates customer experience in every channel. Also, there are various cost-effective technologies such as ConnectPOS which can support retailers to realize this business model. 

To sum up,

Dropshipping is a new and potential business model that can greatly benefit your retail stores in such a competitive retail market. Yet, there might be certain challenges you may encounter in this journey. Make sure that you have prepared for any scenario beforehand. And if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! 

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