4 Tips to Enhance The Performance Of Your Shopify POS System

Having a Shopify POS system can be both beneficial and challenging for businesses. On the one hand, store owners can save time and labor costs for repetitive and manual tasks, thanks to technological support. On the other hand, it can be wasteful if you don’t know how to make the most use of its functions. There are, however, several tips to enhance the performance of your Shopify POS system. 

Update the system regularly

Make sure that you are using the latest version of your Shopify POS. Updates are meant for better versions, so staying up-to-date about the software can avoid having errors that are already solved by the developers. Most cloud-based POS nowadays allows free updates if your business has paid the subscription fee. So why not updating the system regularly to enhance your Shopify POS system and receive the best product?

Find a suitable POS for your business

Whether you already have an online Shopify shop or are a first-time user, selecting the right POS system is critical to the success of your enterprise. Although Shopify offers its built-in POS, some businesses still look for a POS extension to better fulfill their complex requirements.

For Shopify retailers, finding the perfect POS, particularly new ones, can be a challenge. Retailers could feel frustrated by the number of POS device providers after researching on the Internet. The second factor is how much awareness they have about their specific needs for a Shopify POS.

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Don’t worry, though! We have several questions that can be useful for you. What is the industry your store is operating in? Do you have multiple locations? What is your exact problem that needs to be solved by a POS system? How much is your budget? These are some of the most important factors to consider when finding a suitable Shopify POS.

enhance Shopify POS system - business needs

Optimize different product prices and variants

When it comes to deciding where to purchase a product, to most people, price is one of the most crucial considerations. Nowadays, shoppers can easily find the best offer for their daily needs thanks to the transparency of online pricing and the convenience of using comparison shopping engines.

Offering the best prices on products is an effective way to cater to a price-conscious and tech-savvy audience. That is why it is essential to make the price range accessible to the customers. You can also optimize them by showing the product variants and their corresponding prices. This can be easily done with a POS system on their sell screen or consumer app. 

product variant

Train the staff

Several POS suppliers provide video tutorials and illustrated product documentation to help retail workers get up to date on their processes. Take the processing of a credit card transaction as an example. While a step-by-step video guide can give you a good overview of the process, many people find that doing it yourself is a much more successful way to learn.

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Also, many retail employees who choose to learn from videos cannot retain as much knowledge as possible if they used the new POS system themselves. Longer checkout times, consumer dissatisfaction, and possibly missed sales can all result from this.

In fact, research has shown that 32% of retail staff said that they did not receive any official training. For a smooth-running business, you should avoid this. It would be useful to set up the POS precisely as it would be used in the store before training workers. All of the hardware and accessories should be correctly equipped and ready to use. If a new POS device is built to be exclusively mobile, retailers should allow their employees to use it in the same way they would if they were assisting actual customers.

enhance Shopify POS system - train staff


To enhance the performance of your Shopify POS, it is clear that several attempts need to be made by both the store owners and staff members. Being a leading POS provider on Shopify, ConnectPOS takes pride in the omnichannel experience and top-notch technology such as the PWA consumer app. Talk to us for more details on how we can help retailers achieve success!

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