3 Common Magento POS Problems

Magento POS system is the key to success in managing omnichannel sales for any retail business. In the following article, we will talk about some of the most common pos problems encountered when using Magento and the fastest way to solve it.

Magento POS Problems

Maintenance Costly

The first common pos problem when running in Magento platform is Magento requires an IT specialist experience to set up and operate smoothly, thereby, the expense for hiring is expensive.

Magento is the largest and most difficult open-source PHP language, so if you are not a specialist in PHP language, you might find it difficult to run the omnichannel business evenly.

If the workflows of your online store and the physical store are not the same, you might need to hire another vendor to provide the pos system. 

Delayed Synchronization Data 

Magento pos requires a complex setting integration for products, promotion, and inventory between your online and physical stores to make sure all data flows seamlessly between two channels.

You will need to set up all at least twice or otherwise, the breakdown of information between the two sales channels will take place and fix costs are high laters.

The word “real-time” refers to software that can execute real-time business functions. A buyer, for example, purchases a product in a physical store. The transaction is updated to a POS system as soon as the salesman scans the product barcodes. In the warehouse allocated to that store, the commodity stock level is automatically deducted.

The usable quantity of that commodity is also adjusted. This occurs at the time of the transaction. All are streamed in real-time through the POS system. A retail company can run both online outlets and brick-and-mortar stores, and it can also sell over the Internet so that it can have several selling channels. 

In addition, a store will have several warehouses. Particularly for a seasoned business owner, smoothly managing such a large number of touchpoints is difficult. As a result, a POS system with real-time synchronization is vital for ensuring an omnichannel experience.

Unresponsive Devices

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the best choice for retailers and brands who want to simplify how they interact with consumers through all digital touchpoints, thanks to the exponential growth of mobile and the continuing proliferation of a range of devices. 

Some of the pos systems nowadays are not available to switch between devices such as a tablet, computer devices, etc or it will display fewer features when switching to another device.

Finding a pos system that is responsive to devices will help a lot of retailers to manage their works in the omnichannel business. 

Solution for Magento POS Problems

ConnectPOS is the most appropriate solution to solve these Magento pos problems above. The fees you have to pay to hire a specialist IT technician will be most reduced when compared to ConnectPOS which is paid monthly from only $49. 

With ConnectPOS’s Magento POS System, you can have a lot of features in your Magento pos system, such as: 

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Compatible Magento 1 & Magento 2
  • Multi-store and multi-warehouse management 
  • Compatible with PC and mobile devices
  • No hidden fee 
  • 24/7 support 
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Contact us for more consultation to avoid the above pos problems as well as run your Magento pos system smoothly. 

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