How To Enhance The Performance Of Your BigCommerce POS System?

To remain competitive, every retail business on BigCommerce needs to improve constantly. The process does not only include human resources but also involves its software. Here are 4 tips to enhance your BigCommerce POS system and keep you ahead of the competition.

Make use of customization

Many POS on BigCommerce now offers customizable options. Personalize the layout and aesthetic of your checkout can attract consumers and create a one-of-a-kind customer experience. To transform your checkout into a powerful sales engine, you can try to add buttons about shipping information, countdown timers, customer reviews, and live chat via access to your checkout. If you run a BigCommerce site, you should be fast and professional every time someone shops and pays.

enhance bigcommerce pos system - customization

Train the staff

Perhaps there’s no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to learning a new POS scheme.

To help retail workers familiarize themselves with the processes, several POS providers on BigCommerce provide video tutorials and illustrated product documentation. While a step-by-step video guide can give you a good overview of the process, many people find that doing it themselves is a much more successful way to learn.

Learning by doing gives the learner immediate input and focuses on what they should keep doing, what they should tweak and repeat, and what they should modify entirely. It’s an excellent way to assess competency and determine whether additional assistance is required to ensure the learner’s progress.

Even if a new POS system is easier to use than the one in place now, some retail employees might be concerned that they may lose access to past sales data, consumer accounts, and other vital details. Therefore, it can be useful to inform employees that all of their consumer and sales details from the old POS program will be transferred to the new one.

staff training

Optimize different product pricing and variants

Adding several product variants to your items on the BigCommerce store can increase the likelihood of purchasing. Do you know that 81% of retail consumers do online research before purchasing? The more offers you have online, the more chance that customers can find items suitable for their expectations.

enhance bigcommerce pos system - online shopping

Products on eCommerce sites, like traditional stores, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the standard features you can now use as a prominent commerce store owner is adding multiple purchase choices for a single product. The same method can be applied to prices.

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Despite their utility, navigating BigCommerce variations can be challenging, particularly for new users. However, once you’ve mastered them, you’ll quickly realize how strong they are and how they can help your store tremendously. 


Having a powerful BigCommerce POS can be an advantage. However, how you make use of this system plays a vital role in the success of technology in your retail store. We hope that the tips above can help you enhance your BigCommerce POS system efficiently.

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