How To Manage Cash Adjustment At Your Brick-And-Mortar Store?

When it comes to financial issues in every retail business, cash adjustment always plays an important role. At a brick-and-mortar store, it becomes even crucial as most cash transactions happen physically. This article will provide you with 4 ways to manage cash adjustment with the help of your POS.

Train staff to deal with cash order

Good cash register training is vital to the smooth operation of your company and POS cash adjustment. More precision and less theft can be better-ensured thanks to well-trained cashiers. In addition, a balanced cash drawer at the end of the change, shorter queues, and satisfied customers are some other benefits of cash order training for your staff members. Similarly, any employee who uses a point of sale to process payments should receive extensive cash register training. 

pos cash adjustment - staff training

Use POS system to manage cash flow

Cash flow management is critical for companies of any size looking to expand. Your business can not only save time with efficient cash flow control provided by a POS (Point-of-Sale) system, but it can also recognize the patterns/factors that make your business successful. It’s much easier to develop your business if you’ve implemented a suitable POS scheme, which allows the POS to keep track of day-to-day expenditures and profits and generate sales reports. In today’s economic environment, these systems are critical to your company’s development and POS cash adjustment.

pos system

Divide permission to adjust cash for each role

Divisions of responsibilities are essential for successful internal management because it decreases the risk of internal thefts. All units should make an effort to distinguish functional roles so that mistakes, whether on purpose or accidental, are not made by the employees. Separation of duties is also a fraud deterrent since it prevents collaboration – working with another person – to commit a fraudulent act. Therefore, employee permission on POS is another important factor for managing cash adjustment.

Have transparent policies to secure your finance and avoid fraud

Transparency is an important factor when it comes to every financial issue. Therefore, it is important to establish clear financial policies in the beginning to have references for future cash incidents. These policies should be agreed on by both store owners and employees at first so the problems can be solved based on this agreement. These rules can help secure your finance and avoid fraud among your employees. 

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Moreover, transparent policies can also help you avoid thefts who pretend to be your customers. Shoplifting is among one of the most common forms of theft. In fact, research has shown that 1 in 11 people have shoplifted at some point in their lives. Therefore, transparency in rules and punishments for thieves is essential in any case to maintain good POS cash adjustment.

pos cash adjustment - policies


In the end, no matter how excellently your business is performing, the revenue is what retains the business. For a secure and accurate income, cash adjustments are the important parts. Above all, we hope that the above-mentioned tips can help you manage your POS cash adjustment more efficiently at brick and mortar stores. 

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