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Things You May Now Know About The Cash Wrap

Customers, nowadays, always expect a convenient and comfortable shopping experience on every channel from the beginning until finishing their transactions. Any mistakes or interruptions during their journey may stop them from shopping and even discourage them from coming back. Today, we would like to discuss the cash wrap where the very last stage of a shopping journey in brick-and-mortar stores takes place.  

What is cash wrap?

Cash wraps or usually known as the checkout counters is the area where customers finish their purchases and checkout. In some brick-and-mortar stores, this is also where cashiers provide other customer services such as receiving item refunds or exchange requests.

The cash wrap appears to be simply store equipment without extra benefits. Yet, in fact, there are several things retail store owners can do in this area to boost sales. 

Types of the Cash wrap

Retail owners are able to configure their cash wraps to make it best fit specific functional requirements as well as the customer experience of their stores.

The size and scalability of each retail store as well as the number of operations handled there will determine how the cash wrap area looks like. Some common function of a cash wrap can be:

  • Finish transaction and checkout
  • Keep customers belongings.
  • Upsell/Cross sell
  • Promotion
  • Offer other customer services

There are 3 basic designs for cash wraps which are a single countertop or cabinet surface, a two-part unit design or a three-part unit design.

A cash wrap
A cash wrap

How cash wraps benefit retail store

Encourage impulse buying

In fact, 90% of customers said that they have made impulse purchases without initial intention to buy. And the checkout counter, where customers are going to make their purchases, seems to be an ideal area to sell them more. Retailers can apply this kind of program for slow-moving products or new product introduction with appealing promotions.

Enhance customer satisfaction

As mentioned above, cash wraps are not all about supporting checkout or transactions, retail staff can offer many other services there. For example, customers can go to these counters and ask for the items that they are looking for. Also, when customers encounter any problems with their shopping carts, they can bring them to cash wraps. Cashiers there will accept the requests and support customers. These services can support retail stores to better engage with their buyers and satisfy them.

Install a POS system at your cash wraps

POS hardware is always a necessary asset in every brick-and-mortar store. Yet, POS software is now also required. In fact, a robust POS software with handy features can greatly facilitate the checkout process in your stores. 

Install a POS system at your cash wraps
Install a POS system at your cash wraps

Take ConnectPOS as an example. This POS system enables retailers to provide and manage multiple payment methods including cash, card, reward points or gift cards. Also, retailers are able to provide customers individual price programs such as discounts for particular products or high-value shopping carts.

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Moreover, with ConnectPOS, retailers can closely monitor every cash adjustment and cashiers’ activities during working hours. This feature supports them to evaluate store and staff performance as well as minimize possible frauds at the checkout stage.

All in all

The cash wrap is more than an equipment that facilitates the checkout process, they can bring certain advantages to retail stores. Certainly, if retailers can take advantage of every stage and equipment in-store, they can entirely optimize sales revenue. For any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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