6 Tips To Build An Omnichannel Strategy for The Holiday

Retailers are planning for the most expected shopping occasion of the year, the holiday season. It’s the ideal time to make sales even though it becomes more competitive than any other time. This article will suggest six tips to build a successful omnichannel strategy that can leverage your offline stores and web presence for this special season.

How To Set Up An Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Customers love omnichannel shopping nowadays. In fact, research has shown that omnichannel consumers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop at only one channel. Here are the top tips for an omnichannel holiday strategy ahead of holiday time:

Understand your audience

The first step is all about aiming at the right people for effective omnichannel tactics. How come? You need to take time to know the profiles of your customers! Take advantage of social media to help receive this data and customer feedback. Doing so in turn makes you more accurate in later targeted ads. Below are four categories to segment the audience:

Demographic: includes customer profile such as age, gender, family, and occupation.

Psychographic: has information about social class, lifestyle choices, and more. 

Geographical: contains the location of a customer

Behavioral: owns stats on user behavior, website usage, device choices, and shopping habits.

Exploit shoppable posts 

shoppable post

It’s crucial to match your content with the marketing channel. While photos and videos work well on Facebook and Instagram, then long texts do well for blog posts and newsletters. Bear in mind that omnichannel strategy is not only about sending the same message over different channels but it also means making the most of them.

Most marketers get used to advertising on Instagram which has a feature to allow more shoppable posts. It means businesses find no difficulty in integrating ads into their online shops. They find it easy to tag products in the posts and own a “Shop” tab on the page. Thanks to this feature, Shopify enables users to optimize shoppable posts so that customers can view items they love straight from a Facebook store. Next, they will add these products to the cart soon.

Integrate technology 

Technology plays a crucial part in the whole omnichannel revolution. For this reason, many retailers decide to improve physical shopping with the best features of online shopping. Things are getting more flexible and personalized when you choose a POS system. This is a seamless solution that can empower all retailers to build, innovate and grow their omnichannel businesses.

Use promotions to boost holiday sales 

You can consider using some of the following promotions to increase holiday sales and build a successful omnichannel strategy: 

  • Free shipping: shoppers love to see these two words when shopping online. This promotion encourages them to finish a pending purchase. It’s because they feel excited about having one less thing to pay for. 
  • Free gifts: again, shoppers prefer deals, discounts, and free “gifts”. Think of giving them a purchase before the holiday season to see whether it can increase sales or not. Doing this will drive a customer to complete purchases that they haven’t completed.
  • In-store pickup discount: it’s another incentive to make shoppers enter your offline store and build a relationship with your brand. Better than thought, this promotion also removes operational costs from shipping and offers customers chances to save money.

Reactivate dormant contacts before and after the holiday

Do not ever separate holiday campaigns from your whole marketing tactics. How about building a long-term relationship with customers apart from boosting sales? 

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For the omnichannel strategy, you can get started sending messages to prevent dormant contacts from getting disengaged. Well, it saves your money to sell to existing customers rather than getting new people. Besides, giving an offer that triggers inactive shoppers to re-engage will make them feel like missing something if they didn’t take the promotion.

Measure omnichannel marketing strategy results 

omnichannel strategy - omnichannel kpi

Use omnichannel marketing results to evaluate holiday campaigns

Avail metrics plus KPIs as the best way to monitor and assess any impact from your omnichannel holiday campaigns. By collecting and analyzing data, you have no trouble aligning targets with specific campaigns and knowing when to make the right adjustments. 

If changing data into valuable action points is what you wish, then verify what you want to accomplish, list out the needs and problems to be solved by the data. Next, come to present them into the visualized result and you need to know how to apply the data to your company.

Wrapping Up 

Satisfying higher expectations of the customers is important, especially for the holiday season coming up! This article hopefully gives you the insights you need to increase sales, profits, and shopper satisfaction over channels. Are you planning to start off strong this year? Then it’s time to get on the path to a more connected omnichannel strategy

Feel free to contact us for more handy omnichannel retail tactics for the holiday season!

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