NetSuite POS system

An Overview Of The NetSuite POS System

The concepts of NetSuite ERP and POS systems are no longer strange to modern retail businesses in the meantime. However, many of them are still not convinced that these two systems can be integrated and work well together. In this article, we would like to discuss more the NetSuite POS system in order to help you have a clearer overview of this combination and how it works. 

What is NetSuite ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a technology solution that enables organizations to automate their business processes and closely monitor internal activities. With the ERP system by NetSuite, businesses can develop a unified working network across the organization. 

To illustrate, the system will collect all business data from every department including accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, human resources, marketing, sales and store them in a centralized database. Insightful reports on business performance will be generated based on this database afterward to help businesses timely solve possible problems and have plans for the future. Moreover, the NetSuite ERP software also helps businesses to effectively allocate resources and optimize their productivity. 

Being the no.1 ERP provider worldwide, the NetSuite ERP is believed to bring the most value to organizations NetSuite. Features built-in NetSuite ERP greatly facilitates a streamlined business and scale up your business.

NetSuite ERP

What is POS system?

Simply put, a Point-of-sale (POS) system is a checkout technology that simplifies the checkout process to enhance customer satisfaction. However, the ability of many modern POS systems is not just limited to checkout counters. 

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In general, POS solutions enable retail stores to attract more customers and gain more sales by offering a better in-store shopping experience. With robust POS systems such as ConnectPOS, retailers can optimize their sales and inventory process by automating particular tasks. Also, since all data is recorded and synchronized between every store and warehouse location in real-time, retailers are able to closely monitor business status. In practice, POS systems by ConnectPOS are developed with advanced technology which supports retailers to transform traditional business models into omnichannel business processes. 

What is NetSuite POS? 

NetSuite POS system is simply the integration of the two mention above systems – ERP and POS. When it comes to integrating two separate and complex systems together, people may be confused if they may cause any interruption to their business process. In fact, not every POS system can integrate with NetSuite ERP and vice versa. However, once the two systems are successfully integrated, they will bring retailers huge benefits as well as business opportunities.

By integrating POS with NetSuite ERP, you can quickly access any data they need such as customer information or their history orders to effectively close deals or even cross-sell/up-sell products. An advanced and flawless back-office inventory management allows you to speed up the sales process in-stores. Furthermore, thanks to a huge and comprehensive database, you can gain real-time insights into your business performance.

NetSuite POS integration
NetSuite POS integration

ConnectPOS and NetSuite – the combination of two leading retail solutions

While NetSuite is the pioneer in the ERP industry, ConnectPOS is one of the leading POS solutions that can integrate with NetSuite ERP in just a few clicks. The combination of these two powerful systems is believed to be a valuable asset that keeps your stores ahead of the market.

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