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Top 6 Magento POS Systems In 2021 You Can’t Miss!

Point of Sale (POS) is a favourite choice of Magento retailers when it comes to connecting online and offline business. However, there’re many great Magento POS providers out there. Who will be the perfect choice for your store?

After thorough research, our team has come up with the list of the best Magento POS systems in 2021 that have all these necessary features to boost your sales and customer satisfaction. Our list is based on helpful features, pricing and support plan. 

Let’s find out the name of these amazing software for Magento platform.

Note: The list below is not a ranking list and the prices quoted here can change.

Magento POS by ConnectPOS

If you’re looking for a cloud-based Magento POS, ConnectPOS is a trustworthy provider for your needs. Trusted by 1000+ stores, ConnectPOS has been delivering efficient POS solutions for seamless omnichannel experiences of Magento retail businesses.

Best Magento POS system: ConnectPOS

As a cloud Magento POS system, ConnectPOS is compatible with both PC (Windows & macOS) and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Focusing on retail businesses, ConnectPOS includes many outstanding features to improve their performance. 

Orders & Checkout

  • Support barcode scanning and barcode printer
  • Allow custom sale: Add products that are not available in the inventory to orders
  • Allow split payments (More than one payment methods in one order) and layaway (partial payment)
  • Buy online, pick-up/refund/exchange in-store
  • Simplify the checkout process in 3 steps: Add to Cart, Select payment methods then hit Done.
  • Apply discounts, loyalty points and gift cards to orders
  • Customize and print receipts

Inventory & Staff activities

  • Support multi-store and multi-warehouse
  • Real-time synchronization: Instantly update orders, products, taxation and customers’ info from inventory system to POS 
  • Online – Offline mode: Store owners can quickly change from Online mode and Offline mode, from that ensuring a frictionless management
  • Set up roles for each staff
  • Support 20 detailed reports on sales and outlet activities
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Advanced technology

Aside from basic POS functions, ConnectPOS has developed and applied advanced technology into one of the best Magento POS systems.

  • AI Facial Recognition: When customers enter the store, sellers will immediately receive their shopping history (if they’re old customers). Therefore, customers will get better suggestions based on their preferences.
  • PWA Consumer App: Whenever customers are near your physical store, our mobile app will send notifications about promotions and products based on their past searches. With the app, customers can self-checkout to avoid waiting. 


ConnectPOS comes in three pricing packages to serve customers at all sizes: Standard, Advanced and Premium. The Standard plan starts at $49/month and consists of the most essential features for a successful POS. 

One advantage of ConnectPOS is Pay-As-You-Go (PAGO): You can upgrade the service after several months of experimenting. This is one of the reasons that make ConnectPOS a top Magento 2 POS extension for retailers.


Free 24/7 support is included in all pricing plan.

Magento POS by Magestore

Founded since 2009, Magestore is among the first providers to set the stone for the best Magento POS system. Magestore POS has been serving a respectable number of clients: More than 10,000 Magento stores! 

Top Magento 2 POS software: Magestore

Also putting their interest in retail businesses, Magestore has successfully built an effective point of sale software for rising merchants. The Magento POS by Magestore has various outstanding features:

Point of Sale overall features

  • Available in web-based and iPad POS
  • Offline mode: Run smoothly even when there’s no Internet connection

Store operation and Payments

  • Support multi-store in Magento admin
  • Open and Close staff shifts quickly
  • Purchase order fulfillment: Automate the fulfillment process from verify to ship with high efficiency and speed
  • Use dropship as a method to fulfill more orders
  • Allow click-and-collect
  • Return items and refund amounts from POS
  • Support various payment methods: Cash, cards, split payment, partial payment, mobile payments
  • Create and run a customer loyalty program within Magento POS system

Inventory management

  • Support multi-warehouse and location
  • Inventory cycle counting: Assign the relevant inventory cycle to the respective location, either per product category.
  • Low stock notifications


  • Various reports on store performance, products, employees, inventory and store sessions
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As Magento has CE and EE versions, Magento POS by Magestore has different pricing for each version: Start from $1299 for CE and $2599 for EE. This is a one-time purchase.


Magestore provides users with 1-year free support. After that, they have to pay fees for professional helping services. 

Lightspeed Retail POS by Lightspeed

When it comes to the best Magento POS software, we cannot forget Lightspeed POS for Magento. As a multiplatform POS, Lightspeed has been a powerful omnichannel tool for many huge enterprises. Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based point of sale system that is the perfect fit for retail stores, restaurants and golf businesses.

Best Magento POS system: Lightspeed

Lightspeed Magento POS concentrates on syncing in-store stock and organize shipments from your Magento backend. After implementing a concrete base for the point of sale system, Lightspeed’s software continues to support your business with comprehensive features

System features

  • Mobile responsive
  • Freely customize templates with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Built-in tools to boost SEO and drive more traffic
  • 50+ retail reports supported by Lightspeed Analytics add-on module

Omnichannel loyalty

  • Create a tier loyalty program
  • Allow points for those who bought online & in-store 
  • Send custom one-time deals

Contactless orders management

  • Fast transactions with credit/debit cards, gift cards and cash
  • Safeguard your data with PCI-compliant
  • Manage inventory right in POS system
  • Support purchase orders fulfillment
  • Customize products by multiple variations

Multiple location management

  • Easy product transfer between locations
  • Sync customer data and orders across locations
  • Direct shoppers to brick-and-mortar stores with detailed locations page


Lightspeed POS comes in 4 pricing PAGO plans: Basic, Starter, Standard and Advanced. There is also a personalized choice for enterprises. The price range from $69 to $169 helps clients finding the suitable package for their needs. 


All Lightspeed plans have free 24/7 support, so you can always experience flawless customer service.

Point of Sale System for Magento 2 by Webkul

If you’re looking for a more affordable Magento POS integration, take a look at the Webkul POS extension. With 10 years of experience in developing Magento extensions, Webkul can equip your store with a well-functioned Magento POS system.

Best Magento POS system: Webkul

Three strongest benefits of Webkul Magento POS are:

  • Real-time synchronization: Data about sales and customers are updated across locations in real-time
  • Advanced system for inventory management: Organize stocks based on locations and orders
  • Support multiple outlets

Other significant advantages of Webkul POS can be named below:

  • Support offline mode
  • Manage cashier activities
  • Place on-hold cart for future purchases
  • Create discount and coupon at checkout
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Beside built-in features in the POS extension, Webkul increases the quality of your omnichannel retail store with PWA Desktop App and native Android & iOS app for POS to simplify the users’ experience. 

You can also further upgrade and personalize your point of sale system with amazing add-ons such as Barcode Inventory Management, Barcode Label, Custom Product and Custom Sales Receipt.


For the CE version, Webkul POS is $249, while the EE version has the price at $448.


Webkul gives clients free 3-month support. After that, you need to buy additional 6-month or 1-year support if you need any further help.

Point of Sale for Magento by Ebizmarts

Trusted by more than 22,000 Magento stores, Enterprise-Grade Point of Sale for Magento by Ebizmarts is one of the top choices for your omnichannel journey.  

Best Magento POS system: Ebizmarts

After integrating with your store, Ebizmarts’ top Magento 2 POS extension can help you in:

A user-friendly interface

  • Customize your system based on themes
  • Upload product images to create a gallery
  • Easily set up user roles for better human resource management

Orders and customers management

  • Update customers info and orders
  • Support gift cards
  • Support discount and custom pricing for each product
  • Allow Returns and Refunds
  • Configure products from various attributes
  • Support Online and Offline mode
  • Support barcode scanning

Simplify the checkout process and payments

  • Configure multiple tax levels
  • Print and emails receipts
  • Manage cash flow


There are 3 pricing plans for Ebizmarts POS: Plus, Professional and Enterprise. Starting from $49, this is a suitable choice for a small and single-person business. An Enterprise POS is available for huge brands and you can contact Ebizmarts for a quote.


However, there’s no free support for Magento POS by Ebizmarts

POS Extension (Point Of Sales) for Magento 2 by BoostMyShop

Another Magento POS provider is BoostMyShop. BoostMyShop is specialized in Magento extension and its POS integration is one of their most popular products. 

Best Magento POS system: BoostMyShop POS for Magento 2

Magento POS extension by BoostMyShop includes essential POS features such as

  • Support barcode scanning
  • Support multiple payments, coupon codes and custom pricing
  • Generate and automatically prints receipts
  • Create shortcuts to quickly add bestsellers to cart
  • Allows multiple users from multiple websites
  • Detailed sales reports about Turnover, Transactions by payment methods, Bestseller products and Staff performance


For the CE version, BoostMyShop POS is €379, while the EE version has the price at €758.


BoostMyShop supports freely in the first 3 months. If you want further help, you can buy an additional 6-month package. They also have the option of online training with €149. 

Final words

It’s important for Magento retailers to find the best Magento 2 POS extension that’s smoothly compatible with your current system. We believe that these 6 outstanding points of sale will be the perfect ally to support your long-term development. 

Contact us for more information on choosing the best Magento POS system for retail stores.

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