Best POS For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts For A Successful Holiday Season

Best POS Systems For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts For A Successful Holiday

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe is in the air? The most profitable season is coming, meaning it’s high time you, as retail business owners and operators, prepared thoroughly to make your business thrive. Especially for toys, hobbies & gifts retailers, this time of the year usually witnesses an upsurge in the traffic volume as well as sales performance. They need extra support. And nothing like a well-functioning POS system can be your extremely supportive side-kick. That’s why we’re here offering an extra helping hand! In this article, we’ll reveal the 5 best POS for toys, hobbies & gifts so that you can make the most out of this holiday season. 


Best POS Systems For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts: ConnnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a leading cloud-based POS software for omnichannel retail businesses. Standing out as a robust POS for toys, hobbies & gifts, the POS is famous for a pyramid of features and up-to-date technological applications. Additionally, the compatibility with multiple e-commerce platforms is one of the attractive traits of this software. At the moment, ConnectPOS is partnering with 3 leading e-commerce companies which are Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Furthermore, its collaboration with WooCommerce is expected and worth expecting in the near future. 

Besides, ConnectPOS can work well on many devices from desktops, laptops, to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. With that being so, businesses can totally rely on this POS for toys, hobbies & gifts to thrive during the upcoming holiday season. 

ConnectPOS is compatible with multiple devices
ConnectPOS is compatible with multiple devices 

The key features that support toys, hobbies & gifts retail are: 

  • Multi-warehouse inventory management: ConnectPOS offers a robust inventory management system that involves many warehouses at once, on a real-time basis. That means the data from all of your warehouses are synchronized in real-time. With that being so, you can avoid overselling and running out of stock. 
  • Convenient and quick search: Search products quickly by name, ID, SKU, or by scanning a barcode. With that, retailers can reduce the check-out time. 
  • Payment integration: Partner with common payment gateways including Paypal, Moneris, Authorize.Net, iZettle, etc. 
  • Loyalty program: ConnectPOS fully supports the most common type of loyalty scheme – reward points. This feature allows retailers to: 
    • Choose the type of loyalty integration
    • Let customers redeem loyalty points
    • Allow buyers to pay for their orders using reward points
    • Check customer’s reward points balance
    • Get comprehensive customer loyalty reports

Lightspeed Retail POS

Best POS For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts: Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed Retail POS is a cloud-based POS system that is extremely famous for its “library” of integrations. Retailers can find any type of integrations in Lightspeed POS to enrich their POS system. This POS is suitable for retailers in different industries but it stands out as a great POS for toys, hobbies & gifts. Lightspeed Retail POS can work well on multiple platforms from PC (macOS, Windows) to iOS-based mobile devices.

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Lightspeed doesn’t integrate directly with e-commerce companies, but partners with third parties to connect Lightspeed Retail to e-commerce platforms. For example, Accumula unites Lightspeed with platforms like Shopify/Plus and Magento 2, or Kosmos syncs Lightspeed and BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. 

Integration with e-commerce platforms in Lightspeed Retail POS
Integration with e-commerce platforms in Lightspeed Retail POS

Key features for toys, hobbies & gifts retailers:

  • Omnichannel loyalty:
    • Create a tier-based program
    • Choose to send a promotion to customers who bought online, in-store, or everyone
    • Send custom one-time deals on birthdays or to VIP
    • Customize loyalty emails with the built-in templates and drag-and-drop builder
  • Contactless payments: Accept all common payment methods, and offer fast mobile transactions. This feature also ensures the security of your transactions. 
  • Refund & Exchange: You can issue refunds or process exchanges by finding the original sales transaction and refunding it or replacing items for exchange. Other than that, Lightspeed also allows refunding by creating a new sale and converting it to a refund.

Hike POS

Best POS For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts: Hike POS

Hike POS is a cloud-based system that was founded in Australia. With its mobility and user-friendly interface, Hike can fit in with almost any retail store, including toys, hobbies & gifts shops. HikePOS is compatible with multiple devices including PC (macOS, Windows) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). Hike’s mobile POS started being an iPad app. However, recently, the app has been made available for merchants who are Android lovers to download on Google Play.

In terms of integration with e-commerce platforms, Hike POS works well on multiple platforms to facilitate a smooth and secure online operation. Specifically, Hike POS has compatibility with 3 e-commerce platforms which are Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Hike POS has compatibility with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce
Hike POS has compatibility with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce

Key features making Hike POS an outstanding POS for toys, hobbies & gifts:

  • Payment integration: Collaborate with popular third-party payment providers including Paypal, iZettle, Westpac, EVO Payments, Worldpay, etc. 
  • Cash flow management: Easily manage your cash float and track all your transactions including cash, credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty points. Moreover, every transaction is connected with a particular employee’s profile.
  • Inventory management: Products are automatically updated from online stores to POS on a real-time basis.

Epos Now

Best POS For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts: Epos Now

Epos Now is a POS solution provider based in the UK, which serves 2 main industries: retail and hospitality. In terms of the retail industry, the POS appears to be a favorable POS for toys, hobbies & gifts. This POS is best for small and mid-sized retailers who only operate between 1 and 4 terminals. Retailers can simply install the Epos Now software on any compatible PC, Mac, iPad, or Android devices. 

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Epos Now is officially partnering with BigCommerce. With that being so, Epos Now’s users can easily build a website, create a digital store, add products, and start selling products to customers all around the world. 

The integration of Epos Now and BigCommerce
The integration of Epos Now and BigCommerce

Key features:

  • Loyalty program: Retailers can find Loyalzoo on the Epos Now app store and fully integrate it with their POS. And it’s easy to manage your loyalty scheme with Loyalzoo: 
    • Create membership cards
    • Send SMS, email, and push notifications
    • Personalize interactions with shoppers
  • Click-and-collect: Retailers need to process click-and-collect orders by themselves. Customers can call ahead and place an order before their visit and merchants need to prepare for collection and payment when their buyers arrive. All are done on the basis of the on-hold order feature. 
  • Payment integration: Have integrations with leading third parties like Paymentsense, EVO payments, and Worldpay. 

Square POS

Best POS For Toys, Hobbies & Gifts: Square POS

Square is a dedicated POS system for brick-and-mortar retailers. It offers both POS software and POS hardware options. Square POS can run well on PC, iOS-based, and Android-based devices. Thus, retailers can adopt this system as their ideal POS for toys, hobbies & gifts without worrying about the incompatibility between software and hardware.  

Square integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms for a secure operation. To be specific, the POS partners with Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. 

Key features:

  • Inventory management:
    • Low-stock alerts: Send a daily email breaking down items that are low in stock or out of stock. 
    • Downloadable reports: Export inventory reports in the form of a printable spreadsheet.
    • Inventory management integration: Leverage well-functioning inventory management software including Shopventory, SKU IQ, Stitch Labs, etc. 
Inventory management in Square POS
Inventory management in Square POS
  • Loyalty program: Easily reward customers directly through the POS or via online store check-out by entering the customer’s phone number. 
  • In-app sales reports: Access top-line metrics such as gross sales, sales count, and refunds right from the app.

ConnectPOS – where the best is better!

As a customer, Christmas is a time for relaxing and chilling. But as a retail business owner, it’s the busiest and tensest working period of the year. We hope that this article can help you ease the tension by suggesting the top 5 POS for toys, hobbies & gifts for a fruitful holiday season. But you can only integrate only 1 POS system, so which one to count on?

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ConnectPOS – where the best is better! Well, it’s not bragging if it’s true. ConnectPOS prides itself on being one of the leading POS software providers for omnichannel retailers. It’s advanced technologies and a plethora of handy features will not let you down! Even better, merchants can always take a look at ConnectPOS’s pricing plans which are simple and straightforward with no hidden fee right on the website. So, book your 14-day free trial right below to experience a world-class product immediately! Contact now for further assistance!

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