POS Review: ConnectPOS vs. Quickbooks POS

POS Review: ConnectPOS vs. Quickbooks POS

It’s necessary to understand the benefits and drawbacks of different POS systems in order to choose the best one for your business. Today, we’re going to have a ConnectPOS and QuickBooks POS review so you know what POS suits your needs right now.


ConnectPOS logo


ConnectPOS – one of the leading POS systems, famous for its cloud-based software along with its advanced technology. ConnectPOS covers almost any industry, whether it’s Fashion, Furniture, or Food and Drink. It has clients from all over the world including Asia, America, Australia, and more. 

QuickBooks logo

QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS – a feature-rich POS system made by Intuit. The brand itself has emerged as one of the leaders in the accounting app market. It’s suitable for retail and restaurant owners. 


One of the most essential factors of a POS system is being able to operate on multiple devices. When a POS can run on different platforms, it gives merchants the ability to better manage their businesses. 

ConnectPOS is a device compatible, which means that it can run on PC-based devices (macOS, Windows) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). ConnectPOS users can access the system by any of these 3 methods:

  • Download ConnectPOS application from the App store. 
  • Through web browsers on mobile devices. 
  • Install the PWA consumer app. 

On the contrary, QuickBooks POS can only operate on Windows systems. Aside from PC devices, it can also be compatible with the MS Surface Pro 4 tablet. It’s recommended to use QuickBooks POS hardware only. Hardware purchased from other sources might not work.  


ECommerce platforms

ConnectPOS eCommerce platform integrations

ConnectPOS is known for multiple eCommerce platforms integrations such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and the collaboration with WooCommerce is expected very soon. 

QuickBooks eCommerce platform integrations
QuickBooks eCommerce platform integrations

QuickBooks POS is also integrated with various top eCommerce platforms. For example, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy. 

Payment integration

Another important integration of a POS system is the payment gateway. Retailers will be able to offer customers a wide range of payment options. Customers can purchase by cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payment, gift cards, etc. Furthermore, having a payment integration will ensure the transparency and security of the transaction. 

ConnectPOS payment integrations

Acknowledge the importance of a payment gateway, ConnectPOS integrates with numerous payment solution providers all over the world like Paypal, Tyro, Moneris, etc. 

QuickBooks payment system
QuickBooks payment system

On the contrary, QuickBooks POS has its own payment system. Retailers will have to pay a percentage for every transaction like card swipe/dip and a monthly fee. Customers can even make a contactless payment (e.g. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay) right in the POS. 

Other integrations 

Both ConnectPOS and Quickbooks POS opens to multiple integrations that do not limit at only eCommerce and payment gateways. Being globally famous for its accounting system,  Quickbooks POS is compatible with both versions of QuickBooks accounting software: Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. This seamless connection between sale and accounting is why lots of retailers (who are using Quickbooks software) choose their POS.

QuickBooks accounting software
QuickBooks accounting software

However, ConnectPOS is also ready to integrate with Quickbooks. If you need the integration, just send a customization request to their sale team and they will make your vision come to life! 

ConnectPOS other extensions
ConnectPOS other extensions

Moreover, being a powerful and robust POS software, ConnectPOS can work well with many other extensions in delivery, reward points and gift cards


Order management

Offline mode

Every POS system tries its best to offer this feature to users. Offline mode will make sure that retailers work smoothly without any disruption, even when the internet is unstable. 

ConnectPOS offline mode
ConnectPOS offline mode

ConnectPOS will switch to offline mode automatically if it detects any internet issue. The system will operate normally so retailers can continue with their selling. They can select the product, apply discounts manually and accept payment (even with cards). When the internet is stable again, the offline mode will automatically be turned off and all the data will be synchronized to the back-end so retailers won’t need to worry about data being lost. 

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Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for QuickBooks users. 


It has been hard for brick-and-mortar businesses to operate this year because of COVID.  Everyone has to follow social distancing rules so customers weren’t able to shop freely in the stores as they want to. Also, nobody wants to risk their health by going out so they are more likely to shop online. Therefore, businesses need to stay ahead by initiating contactless shopping – buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) or click-and-collect

ConnectPOS click-and-collect
ConnectPOS click-and-collect

With this feature, customers can choose to either have the orders delivered to their door or collect them at stores. This not only limits the physical contact between sellers and buyers but also increases more shopping options for customers. 

Right now, the feature is only available for ConnectPOS. 

Checkout process

Create and customize receipts

A receipt not only holds all the information about the transactions but a great marketing strategy for retailers to leverage their businesses. Retailers can promote themselves by having the receipt designed with distinct Corporation Identity Program (CIP) elements. They can add promotion and sales on the receipts along with store address, name of seller and customer. Hence, being able to customize the receipts is an outstanding feature to look for in a POS system. 

Good news! Both ConnectPOS and QuickBooks POS offer this feature in the system. Users can edit various information such as word fonts, style, date of purchase, customer data, quantity, total price, etc. 

Self-checkout by mobile app

ConnectPOS is proud to present the PWA consumer app – a unique feature for Magento users. With this advanced technology, customers will be able to find information about the product by scanning the barcode/QR code of that product. They can even skip the counter and checkout items all by themselves, ergo cut down on waiting time.

ConnectPOS self-checkout
ConnectPOS self-checkout

The PWA helps businesses by speeding up the checkout process. Therefore performances are increased and customer satisfaction is levelled up. 

Customer support 

ConnectPOS customer support
ConnectPOS customer support

For ConnectPOS, users can contact 24/7 by any of these ways:

  • Submit a ticket via website
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • If already installed ConnectPOS, contact Solution Manager. The request will be sent to the Developer team
QuickBooks POS customer support
QuickBooks POS customer support

For QuickBooks POS, users can reach out by:

  • Contact through the Learn and Support centre
  • Chat with Technical support
  • Connect with QuickBooks Solution Provider

Pricing plan

ConnectPOS pricing plan
ConnectPOS pricing plan

ConnectPOS offers simple and straightforward plans with no extra fees. Interested retailers can choose between 4 plans, starting from $49/month ($39 if subscribing yearly). For better suited, retailers can even customize their plans that best fit the business and budget. Before deciding on any plan, retailers can experience a 14-day free trial

QuickBooks pricing plan
QuickBooks pricing plan

QuickBooks POS, on the other hand, does not offer a monthly or yearly plan like other POS systems. There are 3 different plans to choose from and QuickBooks POS users will only need to pay one time with a free trial of up to 30 days. Besides, QuickBooks POS also sells hardware such as card readers, POS stands, etc. to better complete the full set. 


Now that we have come to the end of today’s article, we believe that you have decided on a POS system. If not, why don’t you take a look at the one that’s right within your reach? 

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