Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System

We have talked about how a POS reporting system actively helps businesses grow and develop. With that being said, in today’s article, we’ll present you with the 6 best POS systems with an advanced reporting feature to ensure your businesses are thriving. 


Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS software for omnichannel retailers. It is one of the best software that provides you with more than 20 comprehensive reports. The comprehensive reports cover all of the elements of your business from sales, products, costs, inventory, staff members, customers, etc. Based on the current data, the advanced reporting system of ConnectPOS identifies any trend and pattern. Accordingly, it offers business owners and operators like you forecasting reports so that you can seize and potential opportunity. 

Since ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS, it allows you to monitor your business remotely as all data from all channels is synced and gathered into one single central advanced reporting system. Even better, mobile POS is also supported so that retailers can access reports anywhere anytime on any device from smartphones, tablets to other mobile alike devices. Thus, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. This offers such a flexible and convenient way to manage a business, especially when you have multiple stores or multiple warehouses

Sales reports by outlet in ConnectPOS
Sales reports by outlet in ConnectPOS

Key functions:

  • Customizable dashboard: Get all critical metrics in a clear dashboard with advanced options and built-in filters. View reports from your offline and online stores in one place.
  • Cash float: Easily monitor all cash register adjustments and staff changes throughout the day.
  • 20+ comprehensive reports: Provide 20 different reports – all the information needed for store owners and cashiers.
  • Export reports: Export data to CSV file for further analysis or send reports to your accountants.

Square POS

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: Square POS

Square is a mobile POS system available for both iOS and Android devices. This system is free to download as you can type the name of the software and open the link that directs you to its download landing page. Thus, you can use any device you own to implement this POS software, which helps save a little money on POS hardware. It works well on multiple devices from desktops to mobile devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. 

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One of the biggest benefits of this POS system is its powerful reporting system. Square reporting system in POS can show you real-time statements and summaries for retailers to make more informed business decisions. It is popular among many shops and small businesses because of its flexible usability.

Reporting system in Square POS
Reporting system in Square POS

Key functions:

  • Real-time data: Know what are your best-sellers, find out when funds are transferred, and see your bottom line at fingertips.
  • Customer insights: Get to know your customers better – how much they spend and how frequently they return.
  • Powerful reports: Receive detailed data on all your locations, employees, and products.
  • Free dashboard app for iOS: Track your data anywhere. 

Shopify POS 

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a robust POS system that is owned and developed by Shopify – one of the most popular e-commerce platforms among retailers. You can download this software and subscribe to use its features. E-commerce business is on the rise these days, and its platform needs online software. Shopify is a brand that helps in this case because it performs e-commerce activities online. 

For online e-commerce businesses, the Shopify POS reporting system can be a valuable mechanism. It can update the inventory, forecast sales, forecast trends, record sales, etc. This POS system can present reports with data gathered from different locations using real-time access. It presents you with all sales, costs, and other valuable reports.

Financial reports in Shopify POS
Financial reports in Shopify POS

Key functions:

  • Overview dashboard
  • Finances reports (including taxes and payments)
  • Product analytics
  • Live view
  • Acquisition reports
  • Inventor reports
  • Behavior reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Customer reports

Lightspeed POS

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: Lightspeed POS

If you own a retail store and want online or real-time software to record sales, then this is for you. Lightspeed is famous for its pyramid of integrations with third-party companies, which facilitates its library of features including POS reporting system. There is a monthly or yearly subscription that you can acquire for using this POS system. 

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Lightspeed POS reporting system is worth the subscription fee. With Lightspeed, retailers can manage their businesses effectively with accurate reports. Lightspeed gives you the tools to build and run your own customized reports. Other than integrations, this POS also comes with several already built-in reports, divided into Sales & Inventory reports, Marketing reports, and Employee Performance reports.

Sales reports in Lightspeed POS
Sales reports in Lightspeed POS

Key functions:

  • Profit year over year
  • Recently out of stock with sales
  • Dusty inventory
  • Gross margin return on investment
  • Uncounted old inventory
  • Employee performance
  • Customer capture rate
  • Upsells percentage
  • Commonly bought together
  • Targeted marketing by product

QuickBooks POS

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks POS is a retail POS system that is best for small businesses such as apparel shops, shoe stores, small franchises, sporting goods stores, gift shops, etc. You can purchase this POS from many online sources. There are no monthly or yearly subscription fees. To use QuickBooks POS, you will have to obtain a separate device. 

This POS system is popular among business owners and operators because it performs dynamic reporting. Although there are various third-party integrations that retailers can choose, it’s more reliable to use QuickBooks POS reporting system. Therefore, many shopkeepers use this POS system for bookkeeping and getting sales and other reports. 

Reports in QuickBooks POS
Reports in QuickBooks POS

Key functions:

  • Sales: View summarized or detailed sales information, such as best and worst selling items.
  • Payments: View summarized or detailed reports of sales payments by type.
  • Items: Track inventory item, quantities, and costs, including merchandise on hand or on order, reorder points, etc. by store.
  • Memorized reports: View and access all reports you have created and memorized.

Vend POS

Best POS With An Advanced Reporting System: Vend POS

Vend POS is easy to search online, download, and use as a trial. If you find it useful, you can purchase or subscribe for the full service. Vend POS system uses analysis that includes advanced accounting and POS reporting systems of sales and inventory. This POS reporting system stores transactions using cloud services and does reporting. 

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Therefore, archives and record-keeping are safe and secure. Vend allows retailers to deep-dive into their sales data to gain a better understanding of their business. The POS has basic reporting functions that are available to all retailers regardless of plan type. And if you subscribe for a Pro or Enterprise plan, you get access to Vend’s advanced reporting with plenty of handy and useful functions. 

Retail dashboard in Vend POS
Retail dashboard in Vend POS

Key functions:

  • Sales summary report
  • User report
  • Customer report
  • Customer group
  • Product report
  • SKU name report
  • Outlet report
  • Register report
  • Brand report
  • Supplier report
  • Tag report

ConnectPOS – where the best is better!

Above is the top 6 POS with the advanced POS reporting system that can provide you with detailed analysis and inventory reports. As a business owner, you surely want to choose the best POS solution for your business, that’s why we are here!

We, ConnectPOS, take pride in the ability to provide you with our technologically advanced and feature-rich POS software with a powerful and robust POS reporting system. ConnectPOS can conduct online transactions and e-commerce ventures with all business reports. Additionally, our POS reporting system also manages the index of any online trading and analyze business performance with advanced reports. 

So, don’t hesitate any longer and contact us now, or book our 14-day free trial to experience our globally standard POS solution!

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