Top 5 BigCommerce POS Furniture Systems For Brands

As a popular eCommerce platform, BigCommerce has collaborated with major technology partners. That is why the BigCommerce POS furniture system has gained a lot of attention recently. Our article today will go through the top 5 BigCommerce POS solutions for home appliance brands.

ConnectPOS: Adaptable BigCommerce POS method

As a cloud-based POS, ConnectPOS delivers a smooth online-to-offline experience that promotes customer happiness. This system has been trusted by over 2,000 merchants from all around the world to help them run their businesses. The system works with a wide range of devices, including PCs (Windows, macOS) and mobile apps (Android, iOS).

Outstanding points

  • Receipts (email or print ones) can be personalized.
  • With no additional costs, it supports a variety of payment options and payment gateways.
  • Apply discounts to individual goods or the entire cart.
  • Various currencies are supported.
  • Synchronization of online and physical retailers in real-time.
  • In one spot, you can manage several businesses and warehouses.
  • Allow clients to make transitions between online and offline modes based on their needs.

Square POS: Abundant data about customers

When it comes to entering the world of eCommerce, Square POS is worth considering. Online payment processing, inventory monitoring, or insights/analytics can make Square POS one of the top BigCommerce POS furniture systems. On iOS and Android, merchants can easily run the system.

Outstanding points

  • Provide reports and analytics with key KPIs directly from the app. 
  • With PCI Compliance, users may accept payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Sell, redeem, track, and refill gift cards with one click.
  • Receipts may be emailed or printed.
  • Allow customers to provide comments via electronic receipts.
  • With a bespoke loyalty program, customers can enroll and reward consumers right from the POS.

Hike POS: Active on both online and offline system

With affordable prices and to be suitable with start-up businesses, Hike POS is a BigCommerce POS furniture system that provides customers with every necessity. It is easier to sell across all channels while also managing every part of your business. Hike’s customer management runs quite smoothly with client profile management and purchase history from a central location, leading to a robust and adaptable loyalty program.

Outstanding points

  • Setup of product variations with real-time updates.
  • Allow import and export in bulk to create a product list.
  • Keep track of all sales, payments, and refunds on a daily basis.
  • Assist the management of several stores and warehouses.
  • Provide customized product selections, taxes, and receipts, to name a few things.
  • Every essential business piece is presented in a comprehensive reporting system.

ShopKeepPOS: For small businesses

ShopKeep is the BigCommerce POS software for a straightforward and safe experience. Only on a cloud-based platform, ShopKeep enables merchants to improve their business activities, from managing personnel and inventory to obtaining company data and consumer information. ShopKeep is a cross-platform app that works on both Android and iOS.

Outstanding points

  • Able to sell on both online and offline venues, including social media platforms.
  • Provide a low-cost POS system that works with Android and iOS devices.
  • Connect to a variety of third-party services: QuickBooks Online (accounting), MailChimp (email marketing).
  • Accept all forms of payment, including cash and contactless.
  • Send clients free, personalized invoices right away.

Vend POS: Notable CRM system

Vend POS is another excellent BigCommerce POS furniture system. This software includes everything you’ll need to manage a physical store that relates to home decor. It can work on your iPad, Mac, or PC, and everything is synced in the cloud. Vend has a number of important features that might help you grow your business.

Outstanding points

  • Receipts may be customized through email or printed.
  • Keep track of all monetary transactions.
  • Returns, refunds, and store credit are all accepted.
  • Create separate accounts for your employees and keep track of their sales.
  • Create reports that are both comprehensive and customizable.
  • Offer a variety of payment methods.
  • Create personalized gift cards that can be used both in-store and online.
  • Payment methods that are unique to you


BigCommerce POS furniture system is a key feature to empower brands and boost sales. So if you haven’t decided which one is the best solution for your business, call us now to receive useful advice.

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