Top 5 Shopify Retail POS Systems

In the past, traditional cash registers were used to conduct sales transactions in retail businesses. Processing transactions, as well as the entire retail business in general, has been greatly improved in terms of efficiency and profitability, thanks to the increasing development of technology. More retailers are looking for well-functioning Shopify POS solutions to help with this. In this blog, we will give you the 5 most outstanding Shopify retail POS systems.



ConnectPOS has helped over 200 merchants across the world, primarily SMEs, as a top POS solution on Shopify. The seamless omnichannel experience has earned the app a 4.9/5 star rating on Shopify. It has click-and-collect options, which let customers order things online and choose whether they want them delivered or picked up in-store.

Another advantage of using ConnectPOS is its reasonable price, compared to most of the point of sale systems on the market nowadays. Furthermore, ConnectPOS is prepared to provide a customizable option in which merchants can select their chosen features and receive a price for them. All you have to do is get in touch with them to receive expert assistance. There is also a 14-day free trial available (no credit card needed). 

Shopify POS

shopify retail pos

Shopify POS  is advantageous in that it is a built-in app for merchants who already use the Shopify platform to operate their business. It provides a free add-on solution to help merchants operate better. However, the Lite Version’s capabilities are relatively restricted, especially for enterprises that want more complex features. Meanwhile, the Pro Version has proven to be a suitable alternative for larger firms.

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Despite the expensive price for the Pro version, Shopify POS remains one of the most popular Shopify retail POS. It provides useful features for companies of all sizes. Retailers may gain a lot from Shopify Point-of-Sale if they know how to make the most of the features available in this built-in tool.


square shopify retail pos

Square is another forerunner in the Shopify retail POS sector. This app is optimized for use on mobile devices. Square does not charge customers monthly or statement fees to operate. Instead, businesses will be charged for each transaction according to certain rates.

This Shopify retail POS also allows retailers to integrate their web storefronts with app inventories. The Square dashboard allows business owners to keep track of things like credit card acceptance, invoicing, online ordering choices, customer management, and sales data. Retailers may pay $60 each month for additional in-depth services, which include advanced inventory, reporting tools, and other areas of running a retail business.



Vend has now offered the retail sector one of the most powerful Shopify POS apps since its first introduction in 2010. It helps retailers manage themselves and grow their multichannel operations. The system is also widely recognized for its comprehensive inventory management system.

The important thing we should mention is Vend’s superb inventory management. It provides a lot of features, including supplier data, stock levels, sales records, and product data. This system is innovative in that it allows users to use these inventory capabilities on a variety of selling platforms, including both offline and online locations.


Hike shopify retail pos

Hike is the final Shopify POS app highlighted in this post. It is a Shopify POS tool that helps shops manage inventory, eCommerce, business analytics, and reporting. Moreover, this system also helps business owners maintain track of their performance by syncing store data, inventory, orders, and customer profiles. In addition, Hike also created a number of useful features, like loyalty programs, different payment options, accounting integration, and offline mode.


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A well-functioning POS system may considerably improve a store’s sales performance and maintain loyal consumers in the retail business. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best 5 Shopify retail POS systems that every business should look into.

If you have any questions about the point of sale market or ConnectPOS, contact our team for more information.

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