Top 5 Magento Retail POS Systems

With over 250,000 e-businesses, Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. Integration with Magento is an essential part for POS providers, since a rising number of online shops select this shopping platform. Several Magento POS systems are already available on the market, each capable of increasing company efficiency and giving a variety of benefits. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Magento retail POS systems in this blog.


ConnectPOS magento retail pos

This is an ideal POS solution for any Magento-based online store. It guarantees three-step check-out, maximum speed, and excellent prediction accuracy. ConnectPOS also offers real-time synchronization, order note, custom sales, numerous tax rates, distribution, invoicing. This system also has iPad device compatibility, as well as a seamless and user-friendly payment procedure.

ConnectPOS has three pricing options, starting at $39 per month per device. In addition, there is a 14-day free trial available.



Mageplaza is a dynamic point-of-sale platform that can speed up the purchasing process. Users just need to spend one minute to complete the entire buying procedure, which includes doing a product search, picking the appropriate product by clicking on thumbnail images, and then press the “Checkout” button. To accommodate demanding consumers, Mageplaza POS now offers numerous payment methods and partial shipment. Even better, purchasers may pre-order specific things, which means purchasing items that are not currently in stock.


magento retail pos webkul

The next Magento retail POS on our list is Webkul. Thanks to the ability to create several physical outlets for eCommerce companies and connect products to them, this POS allows admins to effectively manage customers and transactions in both online and physical stores. In addition, the buyer can add items to their basket in a variety of ways other than just clicking on them, such as by using an SKU or barcode scanner. As a result, it assists clients in showing a better experience while also maintaining their loyalty.

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Regarding pricing, the CE version of Webkul POS costs $249, while the EE version costs $448.



Magestore’s Magento 2 POS system is quick, efficient, and simple to use. The entire checkout procedure is precise and simple to follow. Payment processing is quick, secure, and adaptable. Magestore POS allows a variety of payment methods (both online and offline). It may also be readily coupled to other Magento modules that manage stocks or marketing elements for offline buyers, such as reward points and gift vouchers.

Magento POS by Magestore has a different price for CE and EE versions. CE starts at $1299 and EE starts at $2599. This is a one-time transaction.


magento retail pos magespacex

The Magento 2 POS plugin makes the payment process go much more easily. This plugin accepts a variety of payment options, including both online and offline. Clients may also add items to their basket and purchase them even if they are not connected to the Internet. When using IndexedDB storage, data is immediately synchronized as soon as the Internet is available.


It’s critical for Magento merchants to choose the best Magento retail POS that works seamlessly with their existing system. We hope that these 5 points of sale systems can support your long-term growth.

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