BigCommerce POS order management

How BigCommerce POS Order Management Supports Retailers?

Order management refers to keeping track of orders and managing the process to fulfill them. This process is the key factors that make a profound influence on customer satisfaction. In fact, 65% of customers tend to leave the brand if they encounter problems during their order processes.

Be aware of shipping orders.

One of the most critical ways to expand your online business is to implement an effective ecommerce shipping strategy.

Although many brands start in e-commerce by taking a simplistic approach to shipping — such as providing free shipping on all orders or displaying unmodified UPS or USPS prices — the most popular retailers use strategic shipping solutions to set themselves apart from the competition and boost margins.

This necessitates collaboration between multiple departments within your business, ranging from marketing to fulfillment — and many others in between. Establishing a shipping plan for your online store allows you to ensure that everyone involved in the process is aware of what is happening and their role in it.

Track inventory to avoid selling out-of-stock

Inventory tracking may refer to a variety of items in BigCommerce, including:

  • Keeping track of how many units of each product are available for purchase
  • Sending low stock warnings/notifications
  • Allowing customers to keep track of stock levels and product availability
  • Adjusting stock levels automatically
  • Establishing a product’s out-of-stock actions
Keep track of inventory
Keep track of inventory

SKUs, or Stock Keeping Units, are unique identifiers that are used to track inventory. They can be applied to basic and complex products, such as those of different sizes or colors. Before goods may be listed on specific distribution platforms, such as Amazon, they must have inventory monitoring allowed and be assigned an SKU.

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Landing on a product page only to discover it is out of stock is one of the most aggravating consumer encounters. Yet, it will be worse if a customer has come to the final stage of ordering their expected items and then discovers the item is out of stock. Hence, informing customers about your stock levels is the best way to prevent this.

Create personalized orders

Artificial intelligence and machine learning power all best-in-class personalization systems, which monitor on-site and customer data points in real-time and then offer a unique personalized experience to each site user.

Once you’ve set up the infrastructure to gather data in real-time effectively and reliably, the next move is to develop a personalization plan based on your unique needs and company size. The size of your customer base, the number of sales your store produces, and the tools you use to deploy personalization can all influence your personalized shopping strategy.

Use a POS system

Use your current inventory to quickly launch your online store and track your catalog and sales from a single dashboard. Many of our POS integrations allow you to process payments online and in person, giving you a single point of contact with all of your transactions. 

Our POS integrations – ConnectPOS is one of those powerful POS solutions. With this BigCommerce POS order management system, all essential information, such as orders, customers’ information, products, and taxation will be synced in real-time. In particular, in some unexpected situations such as losing Internet connection, ConnectPOS allows you to save all data from offline orders and auto-syncs them when you’re back online.



As mentioned above, order management plays an important role in the pursuit of enhancing customer satisfaction. Yet, not many modern retailers know how to optimize this process. We hope that this article will somewhat help you have a better understanding on how to satisfy customers.

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If you are looking for a robust BigCommerce POS order management system, ConnectPOS is exactly what you need right now. Contact us today to have a 14 day free trial of our global standard solution.

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