Shopify POS order management

How Shopify POS Order Management Supports Retailers?

Order management is a process that starts with receiving orders and finishes when customers receive their package. For every retail business, it is highly important that this process is optimized and automated. Otherwise, you may fall behind the market because of wasting time on fulfilling every single order on your own. 

Real-time synchronization

Many e-commerce companies are looking for a POS system that can synchronize between the inventory management systems of the corresponding platforms in real-time. A powerful POS can ensure that sales made on one channel are immediately mirrored across all of your media to strengthen your multi-channel sales strategy. No matter how many outlets you sell through, your inventory counts will still be correct and up to date constantly.

Manage returns and refund

Returns, refunds, and transfers are 3 popular concepts in the online retail industry. Return deliveries are expected to cost companies $550 billion in the United States by 2020, according to Statista, 75.2% higher than that four years ago. Furthermore, almost 41% of shoppers consider returning their purchased items.

Customers may be dissatisfied with their orders for various reasons, for example, damaged products, incorrect products, etc. As a result, they request a substitute or a refund.

Amazon return orders
Amazon return orders

These requests take retailers a lot of time, energy, and money to be properly solved. To illustrate, retail stores used to spend hours and hours on sending customers emails and paying extra shipping costs for replacement items, particularly during the holidays.

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The good news is that returns and exchanges can be considered an opportunity that creates new income for the company and improves customer satisfaction with the excellent return policy and system.

Track orders for both online and offline stores

The customer wants to know every detail about their orders from the moment they are placed until delivered. When order monitoring is integrated into every retail store, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction while lowering service costs. Since buyers are allowed to check the status of their new order by entering their order number and email address.

Customers can keep track of what items are included in their order, what their package’s current status is (shipped, out for delivery, etc.), where their order is in the process, and so on.

Filter orders

You can filter individual customers for further action, such as sending an email or a special deal, using order tags to filter. This solution helps you save time and make your job easier. This fantastic tool allows you to quickly and visually track your customer orders.

Use a POS system

Point-of-sale application is a modern technological innovation that supports the sales process. You can sell anywhere with a robust Shopify POS order management, including brick-and-mortar stores, online stores as well as pop-up shops.

ConnectPOS is one of the most popular Shopify POS order management systems that can significantly upgrade your Shopify Point of Sale. ConnectPOS can integrate with Shopify to monitor orders and inventory through all of your active sales channels. In particular, this POS solution accepts an array of reliable payment methods and requires no transaction fees.


If you’re new to Shopify retailers, we offer you a 14 day free trial of experiencing our powerful POS system – ConnectPOS. Besides, we have 3 basic pricing plans which can fulfill your needs. 


It is essential to bear in mind that in such a competitive market like the retail industry, an order management system can make or break your business. Hence, upgrading your order management system is a must. Retailers can consider adopting these methods above or having a POS order management system provider to simplify their tasks.

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Being the partner of more than 500 Shopify retailers, we are always willing to support businesses to enhance their order management. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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