How To Improve Your Magento POS Security?

In the last two decades, the eCommerce industry has grown tremendously, among which Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for merchants. There is, however, a dark side of it – ‘hackers’ are now launching attacks on e-commerce stores (and also physical places). As a result, customers tend to be more careful to shop due to the prevalence of theft and Internet fraud. So, what measures can you take to safeguard your Magento store? We’ve put together some valuable Magento POS security tips in this article to help you protect your store from hackers.

Restrict staff permission

To complete tasks in a specific area of the admin, you will need several permissions. Permissions decide how much access your employees have to your shop.

Depending on their position, your employees may need individual permissions, such as Magento POS login requirements. Consider the licenses you grant to your employees and associates. Restricting staff permissions can be the easiest yet effective way to prevent any unprecedented hackers.

Monitor cash register

Another issue is how to monitor the cash withdrawal process, such as when giving customers changes. Magento Cash Register Management function helps staff to eliminate money leakage situations. All cash drawer-related work will be automatically added to a report. As a result, your funds will be kept in a secure environment.

Create strong password

Magento advises that you take a multifaceted approach to safeguard your store’s security. By default, passwords used to log in to the Magento Admin must be seven or more characters long, as well as contain both letters and numbers. 

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A great thing is that Magento does not allow you to reuse any of your account’s previous four passwords. However, it is still essential to create a strong password containing letters, numbers, and symbols as the best practice.

It might be also beneficial to consider using two-factor authentication to verify users’ identities, with a one-time password created on a separate computer for added protection. You can use the Admin protection configuration to add a hidden key to URLs, make passwords case sensitive, set duration limits on Admin sessions, password lifetimes, and the number of login attempts before the Admin user account is locked.

Train employees to deal with suspicious customers

Another Magento POS security tip is to train your employees in dealing with suspicious situations. Many times, the ‘hackers’ are nowhere far; they can be your customers. Therefore, it is essential to have proper training regarding security management, such a detecting suspicious behaviors, making use of security cameras, etc. However, employees should maintain a professional manner at all times so that security practices do not interfere with welcoming customer service.

magento pos security

Install secured POS system

Our final Magento POS security tip is to have a secured POS system from the very beginning. You may want to discuss this issue with your POS provider, or execute security practices by yourself. Some of them can be installing anti-virus software, using encryption, keeping POS up-to-date, or testing your system regularly. ‘Preventing is better than cure’ – having a secured POS system can help to prevent your business from cyberattacks.

Wrapping up

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We hope this article can help you to improve your business safety by providing some useful Magento POS security tips. As stated before, it is important to have a well-protected POS system. If you are interested in finding a secured POS system, ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale system that is available on Magento. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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