Feature update – Progressive Web App (PWA)

Feature update – Progressive Web App (PWA)

Within the area of Retail and Ecommerce, Progressive Web App (PWA) has been talk-of-the-town. It is the convergence of two digital platform: a regular website and a mobile app. Just imagine that it looks like a web, acts like a consumer app but does not require customers to download any extra app.  Today, we are glad to announce that PWA technology is fully integrated in our ConnectPOS system. With ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App, just imagine that customers can just walk into your stores, scan a QR code, and then they can have a seamless self-shopping experience till checkout.

The big news is: ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App is selected as a winner of Innovations lab – an award hosted by Magento for innovations with excellent ingenuity and creativity. Being recognized by the world’s 1st eCommerce platform is an evidence showing the potential of this innovation in improving customer experience for future retail. Want to try this wonderful feature for your retail stores for free? Register HERE.

Let’s have a look at full features of ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App.

1. Get access by QR code

Get access by QR code

When your customers come in your store and scan the QR code, they can access a web-like interface that enables them to surf the full range of products you offer. It will be a useful guide for your customers in their shopping journey to head for what they want, especially when you have a big store with hundreds of product ranges.

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2. Scan bar code for product information and order out-of-stock items

By scanning the bar code, customers can immediately get the product detail information including price, quantity in stock or product variations, and also easily put their chosen product into shopping cart.

Scan bar code for product information and order out-of-stock items

More interesting, you definitely don’t want your customers to leave the store with disappointment as their favourite items are already sold out, so PWA ConnectPOS is the right solution you need. With PWA, customers can even order out-of-stock item and choose to either pick it in store or have it delivered to their front door. If they go for in-store pickup, all what they need to do is to simply have cashier scan their bar code and then collect the ordered items.

3. Personalized recommendation

Personalized recommendation

Cross-selling is never outdated. So far with the above benefits of PWA, your customers must already have a “pleasant” shopping experience, but we understand that you want to turn the “pleasant” into “great”. Make them buy more from their shopping experience. The feature of Personalized recommendation is there to help which can give customers recommendation about other suitable products.

4. Easy self-checkout

PWA technology is fully integrated in our ConnectPOS system. Let’s go through this article and find out the main features of ConnectPOS PWA which can help you to create seamless experience for your customers.

Let’s be honest: when you are a shopper, have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of the “Pay Here” queue, wavering between doing all the queue again to get some more items, or saving time to stay in queue and accept what you already have in your cart? ConnectPOS PWA is launched to eliminate that worry.

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Easy self-checkout

It can help customers to easily, quickly and smoothly do the check out by themselves, and then choose either the option of delivery or in-store pickup. So now customers can freely go shopping without being afraid of spending too much time waiting in the payment queue This feature is extremely useful in busy weekends or holidays, especially when you have big store with limited cashiers and associates.

All in all, we believe that ConnectPOS PWA will be a not-to-miss technological solution for all retailers of all sizes whoever want to be innovative and customer-centric. Check out our newly released video about amazing features of ConnectPOS PWA here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rug–masxZs

Try ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App for freehttps://www.connectpos.com/free-try-pwa-customer-screen/

To explore full features of ConnectPOS solution, book a trial HERE!

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